The sun is hot, and sunscreen clothing should be prepared during the travel season

May Day is coming, summer is also approaching, as the temperature gradually warms up, summer ultraviolet rays are getting stronger and stronger, and beauties must go out to protect the sun, the work of sun protection should not be underestimated, and light and comfortable sunscreen clothing will definitely give the goddess heartfelt care, escort you throughout the summer, and can also add points to your charm and temperament, release your elegant and charming temperament, let you float out of the worldly fairy.


Sun protection clothes women’s summer 2016 loose short white thin coat versatile long sleeve bat sleeve baseball uniform schoolgirl trend

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The sunscreen clothing that makes your eyes shine tells you how to resist her temptation, very breathable and comfortable polyester fabric, so that your body always maintains a refreshing feeling, the loose fit allows you to release a sense of casual and lazy beauty between your manners, giving you the only high and cold atmosphere you have before, so that your beauty is even conquered by yourself.


Fawn to fly Chiffon shirt women’s summer print cardigan extra-long beach sunscreen jacket loose thin coat

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Walking on the romantic beach, do you want to become a dazzling fashionista, then this retro trend clothes instantly help you get the light and thin fabric, fairy fluttering with the wind to release a free and frank atmosphere, and the depicted retro print brings you a strong visual shock, adds a touch of poetry, and makes your gentle breath more obvious.


Two knitting techniques, mid-length linen sweater, cardigan jacket, women’s quarter-sleeved thin sunscreen, summer new product

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A light and cool linen fabric, giving you a lazy skin taste of sunscreen clothing, two different extreme knitting methods collide to create an elegant and temperamental goddess, the atmosphere without losing the charm of feminine gentleness, and the loose accompanying hem adds a sense of flexible aesthetics, wherever you go to make your free charm undiminished.


Spring and summer casual women’s short long sleeves thin ice silk V-neck knit cardigan women’s slim sunscreen jacket women’s trend

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Walking on the beach to play, wearing a cheap and beautiful dress is there some monotony, some exposure to the sun, at this time you can’t help but come to a beautiful and comfortable sunscreen clothing, light fabric, fresh color, let you feel a cool feeling in the hot summer, let you wear beautiful after the upper body, wear a gentle charm Oh.


Plum ripe 2016 summer literary and artistic style print sunscreen shirt women’s retro fresh seven-quarter sleeve shirt cardigan

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The first time you look at you, you are touched by your elegant beauty, the rayon fabric always brings you the gentle touch of the skin, so that you are always cool and comfortable, the loose fit, the buttonless placket, release a casual lazy sense of freedom, the personality spills dragonfly print, add a few touches of gentle temperament, very cute.


Yi-xn 2016 summer new women’s thin cotton linen mid-length trench coat, jacket shirt, women’s cardigan sunscreen

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The oncoming is a very elegant and attractive sunscreen clothing that allows you to avoid the hot weather in summer, wearing a lazy and casual sense of freedom, and the sexy V-neck allows you to reveal a charming collarbone line, revealing a feminine temperament, allowing you to sway a feminine posture between walking, instantly tugging at men’s heartstrings.


Navite’s new spring/summer 2016 organza short coat women’s preppy letter print thin baseball uniform sunscreen

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A sunscreen clothing that coexists with function and fashion will definitely make you the focus of the fashion industry, the light mesh gives a mysterious hazy beauty, loose fit, loose silhouette, let you wear a casual fashion style, release the unique charm of the fashion industry.


VB Spring/Summer 2016 New Loose Shirt Women’s Dress Women’s Short Sleeve Mid-Length Slim Sun Protection Shirt Trend

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Can be used as a shirt or as sunscreen clothing to make you a goddess of the fashion industry, handsome shirt lapels, loose and slim long shape, release an elegant interpretation of the street neutral and free girly feeling, let you walk on the street all the time full of confidence, interpret the low-key and luxurious charm of the fashion industry.


Spring/Summer 2016 new long-sleeved sunscreen openwork lace cardigan mid-length organza top with a jacket for women

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A beautiful and flowing organza coat, let you super beautiful after the upper body, the white color sets off your fair skin, add a touch of feminine and flowing beauty, lace beautiful neckline, add a bit of gentle and sweet taste, let you release a ladylike taste beyond imagination on the street, very eye-catching.


An Xiaoluo Cropped sleeve print Japanese style sunscreen shirt literary vintage shirt thin cardigan jacket women’s literary art

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Wearing this elegant and beautiful sunscreen clothing, you are like a vulgar fairy living in the secluded mountains and forests, the light chiffon fabric, just like you put on a mysterious veil, so that you instantly have a more elegant and hazy beauty, and the personality dazzling colors decorate the dress, so that the hidden inner sweet atmosphere soars, instantly enhance your temperament.