Men’s Formal Wear & Suits Column: Eight Classic Jacket Styles


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1. Why are jackets more popular?

In our country, there are far more people wearing various jackets on the streets in spring and autumn than wearing suits, why?

There are many reasons:

1. Suitable for most scenarios. Essential clothing for work, holidays, and home travel.

2. Good matching clothes. You can wear it with long and short sleeves shirts, long and short sleeve T-shirts, and sweaters of various styles.

3. Many jackets are also functional, such as those that can be worn on both sides, those that are windproof and rainproof, those that are stretchy, and some jackets with removable inner tanks, which can be worn from autumn to spring.

4. It is easier to wash, maintain and take care of than suits. Suits generally have to be dry cleaned and ironed. Functional jackets are generally washable, and only a few very high-grade wool or cashmere jackets must be dry cleaned.

2. Classic jacket style

As mentioned above, there are many application scenarios of jackets, from daily work to leisure sports can be worn, so which one is most suitable for you? How to choose? Let me introduce the common classic jackets one by one:

1. Bomber Jacket

Bomber jacket

The bomber jacket is the predecessor of many jacket styles, and it is also a jacket style that young people love to wear, among which the most classic and original shape is shown in the picture above, it has a variety of derivative styles, but all have the same characteristics: cuffs + hem are stitched with tightened threads.

The features are as follows:

Features of the bomber jacket

However, I personally prefer the bomber jacket after changing the collar to a stand-up collar, see the picture below

Stand-up collar bomber jacket

The emergence of the bomber jacket has given people more imagination, jumping out of the structural framework of the previous suit and trench coat, extending the design concept of shorter and lighter to the present, and the following three styles of jackets are benefiting from the basic structure of the bomber jacket.

2, G9 jacket (Harrington Jacket)

G9 jacket

British company Baracuta in 20


When this jacket was developed in the 30s, it was named G9, and the name and style have been passed down to this day.

The iconic collar of the G9 jacket

The first popularity was because Elvis Presley wore it in the movie “The Tough Guy Singer”.

The origin of the Harrington jacket name is because the character Rodney Harrington in the movie “Cold and Warm on Earth” wore this jacket and it began to spread widely.

Pictured below is Elvis Presley wearing a G9 jacket

Although a derivative of the bomber jacket, the G9 differs in both cut and style.

The tailoring no longer distinguishes the rotator cuffs separately, but adopts the form of rotator cuffs as one, the shoulder area is too natural, the movement is more flexible, and the shoulder visual effect is more neat.

Stand collar with internal threaded exterior, slip pocket with flap and buttons, back sheet


The stitching and sewing are its remarkable and inherited style characteristics, the following two pictures are pictures on the official website of Baracuta:

The G9 jacket is still a common jacket style on the streets of Europe and the United States.

3. G4 jacket

The G4 is another popular jacket from Baracuta.

Baracuta’s G4 jacket

The difference between the G4 and the G9 is mainly in the cuffs and hems are no longer threaded, and two adjustment loops are added to the back waist, and the tightness of the waist is controlled by the way of the adjustment loops. See the following two figures:

4. A-1 jacket

Although the A-1 jacket developed by the US Air Force is not as widespread as the traditional bomber jacket, the overall feel is more relaxed and casual, and it is very suitable for wearing with jeans and slacks, retaining the obvious waist pockets on both sides.

A-1 jacket

The collar and pockets of the A-1 jacket differed from the original bomber jacket.

The A-1 jacket is perfect for everyday casual wear.

5. Executive jacket

Administrative jackets, also called cadre jackets because leading cadres often wear to attend events, are very common in news broadcasts and life at all levels, but if you want to make the taste of administrative jackets from the whole to the details, you must work fabrics, cuts, materials, and craftsmanship.

High-end executive jacket fabrics are generally made of wool, with natural luster, drape, good breathability and feel, and some functional fabrics will add a certain proportion of functional ingredients, such as rainproof or elastic materials.

Executive jacket features

Administration has both the calmness of a suit and the comfort of a jacket, and the administrative jacket is the first choice for the daily work of public servants and leading cadres.

However, many young people do not like executive jackets very much and feel a little dull.




As the name suggests, a jacket worn in the sport of baseball.

Baseball jacket



The prototype of this jacket was the bomber jacket, which added some common features:

The color of the sleeves is different from the color of the large body, and there is more white.

The neckline, cuffs, and hem are all threaded and often used in white strip threads.

The pocket is often the same color as the sleeve.

Door plackets are often snapped up.

7 Safari Jacket

The hunting jacket is an improvement on the hunting costume, the shape is classic, very recognizable, and the front has four large pockets.

This used to be an abundance of bullets and other hunting supplies, but it is now reserved for decoration so that the predecessor does not appear too empty.

Below is the most classic hunting jacket:

Classic hunting jacket

In the United Kingdom of the last century, hunting jackets made of tweed fabrics were popular, which were closer to suits in structure and overall shape, with linings, shoulder pads and other accessories.

The modern version of the hunting jacket usually removes the external belt and adopts a built-in drawstring, which is lighter and thinner overall, and the fabric is mostly made of linen, cotton and other materials, which is strong and wear-resistant, and easy to clean. As shown in the following figure:

Built-in drawstring hunting jacket


The most important thing is always at the end, the M65 field jacket is here!

Our improved M65 front

The four pockets of the M65’s predecessor look similar to the hunting jacket, but the M65 is longer, and the fabric is mostly windproof and rainproof, suitable for field environments.

This jacket looks a bit like a small trench coat, and it is also worn as a trench coat in actual use.

M65 back

The M65 is the longest-serving U.S. Army field jacket, lasting more than 40 years from 1965 to 2009. This shows how popular his combat type and mobility are. During the Vietnam War, the M65 was well received by the soldiers and established its solid position in the army.

The earliest predecessor of the M65 is the M1943 field jacket, which was used in World War II, see the picture below:

M43 field jacket

The M43 was already in service in World War II, but in the Korean War it was modified to the M51, and the collar was changed to a shirt collar, as shown below

M51 field jacket

The M51 was further modified to the M65, with a stand collar and a zipper added to the back collar to hide a foldable top


。 To make this jacket more suitable for rainy weather, see the picture below:

M65 field jacket

Below we use a diagram to show the evolution of M65

Because the M65 has created a lot of classic tough guy images:

Stallone’s First Blood

Schwarzenegger’s Terminator

And the young Robert in “Taxi Driver”. De Niro

Strangely shaped Robert. De Niro

The M65 was retired because of its classic design, strong practicality, and numerousness


The famous tough guy image in the work, many clothing brands have developed similar styles of jackets, which still sell well today.

III. Summary

After talking about so many jacket styles, let’s summarize the characteristics of each jacket in one sentence, and what kind of jacket is most suitable for you:

1. The most suitable simple model for young people: bomber jacket (both round neck and stand up collar)

2. All-weather all-terrain practical model: M65 jacket

3. The most suitable for civil servants of state-owned enterprises: administrative jackets

4. The youngest school style: baseball jacket

5. The favorite among enthusiasts: game jackets

6. The most classic bestseller: G9 jacket

7. The most literary fan: A-1 jacket

8. The most slim waist: G4 jacket

Take your seat according to your needs!

Finally, thank you to Lao Gu, Lao Gao, and Lao Liu for contributing to me the handsome photos of their jackets at the bottom of the box!

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