Overview of cotton fabrics

It is often exposed to the market, and now there are more and more brands in the market. Fish dragons are mixed. Consumers don’t know how to choose, which gives consumers a certain confusion, but we must know that the cotton fabric in the fabric is It is the best use of the most widely used. Today, let’s talk about the characteristics of the striking knowledge overview with cotton fabric.

Overview of the knowledge of a fabric

Sands classification 1. Yarnish fabric

· Tilted yarn is characterized by a flat fabric: This is the same as the surface of the surface, and the appearance of the two sides is the same, and also has good breathability.

· Sharpy baubles are characterized by the surface of the sludge, and the tweed yarn is different from the process. It can be divided into a twill 40 yarn, twill, and the squid is different, the twill yarn is formed by the strip. The float is longer and the feel is soft.

Sanded category 2. Cotton fabric

Pure cotton is made of fabric: cotton fabric is a high-grade brunette, it is soft, breathable, has natural aggressive with the human body, and is not weak in moisture absorption and rhinarity. Using cotton, it also has significant advantages in warmness, heat resistance, and alkaline, etc..

Classified by a split 3. satin fabric

The characteristics of the satin were strictly told, the satin is also a kind of cotton, but it has a certain difference from ordinary cotton, and its main characteristics are in terms of thickness, smooth surface, delicate, etc., feel soft, color It is also very bright; the satin is also a good elasticity and tight texture, and it is not easily deformed. It is a positive and negative side as the twill bearing is formed by a sleeve. Due to the satin of the weft, weaving is high, so the fabric is very high. It also has a reflective effect, it seems to be similar to the satin, which is very energy.

Sanded category 4. Abrasive fabric

Features of the abrasive strip: The abrasive fabric is also called the grinding printing fabric, the abrasive fabric is a high-grade combed cotton, and the most important feature is fluffy and thick, the warm performance is good, and the surface of the brush is short. And the sunset is flat, and the hand feels is full of soft, rich in fleece, soft and soft.

Classified 5. Polyester cotton fabric

Features of a polyester cotton fabric: polyester cotton fabric belongs to blended fibers, that is to say, some chemical fibers that are used are mixed with partial natural cotton fibers. The polyester wool is retained from the durability of chemical fibers and the comfort of natural fibers; and this fabric is low, the color is relatively good, and the color is also very bright; but this polyester cotton fabric is easy to start. It is also easy to produce static electricity.

Sanded by a split 6. High support high-density printing is a fabric

High-end high-density printing and dyeing is characterized by a fabric: this fabric also belongs to high-grade combed cotton fabrics, which uses the first weave-dyed process, feel very comfortable, and it is very soft, and the surface of the fabric is very smooth, and there are A certain gloss, the market price is much higher than that of the general set fabric.

Substrate classification 7. Bamboo fiber fabric

Bamboo fiber is characterized by a fabric: bamboo fiber fabric is used in natural bamboo, after cooking hydrolysis, the final refined fiber textile, this bamboo fiber is now used to be used for the top technology. product. This fabric has a good skin feeling, soft and smooth, comfortable and breathable, even in hot summer, people sleep in the top, also feel very cool and comfortable, and bamboo natural plants, not only non-destructive health, but also promote Blood cycle and metabolism.

Substrate classification 8. Maxab fabric

The characteristics of the ausparium are made: the hemp fabric is a fabric made of alite fiber textile. This fiber has natural and excellent characteristics, and the aurarhea has no stimuli to people, but also helps to promote people’s sleep, reduce the skin temperature, help the tension of the muscles to relax, and in hygiene, Skin care, antibacterial, health function, etc. have a good performance.

被套面料知识概述 纯棉面料被套的特点

Features of cotton fabrics

Speaking of cotton fabrics, we think that its first impression is soft, breathable, and has natural flexibility with the human body. To know if it is comfortable to be comfortable, it directly affects people’s sleep quality. It can be said without exaggeration, it directly affects the normal life of the person.

First of all: The cotton fabric has better moisture absorption and rhinar. Cotton fibers will absorb moisture from the air, and the water content can reach 8-10%, so it will feel soft and comfortable when contacting the human skin; and when the moisture of cotton fibers is too humidity, the surrounding temperature is high, cotton The moisture in the fiber will evaporate, thereby maintaining cotton fibers to maintain a water balance, which also feels comfortable.

Second: cotton fabric usually has good warmth. Since the cotton fiber itself has porous, good elasticity, the cotton fiber will store a large amount of air, and the air is a poor conductors of heat and electricity, so the cotton fabric has good warmth.

Third: The cotton fabric has a certain heat resistance. Experiments have shown that at 110 ° C under Celsius, only the moisture of the surface of the cotton fabric is evaporated without damage to the fabric itself, which sufficiently proves that the cotton fabric has certain heat resistance.

Fourth: The cotton fabric also has a certain degree of anti-alkaline, isastroab to washable. We all know that commonly used washing powder is alkaline, cotton fabric has a certain degree of anti-alkaline, which can ensure that in an alkaline solution, cotton fibers will not be damaged, which is conducive to pollution.

Fifth: cotton fibers are natural fibers, no stimulation and side effects with skin contact. Long-term use is beneficial to the human body, and its hygiene performance is good.

Because the cotton fabric has so many advantages, it is deeply loved by people from ancient times, and the application in the bedding is relatively wide. At present, the fabric is mostly cotton fabrics.

Through above, we learned about the relevant knowledge of the case, and also have a certain understanding of the cotton fabric, then do this take a question when you buy it, you will consider the problem? Choose a good brown material to us Bring a good sleep environment, I hope to give you help through this article.