The leather sandals that my mother looks at at a glance, wear them comfortably and show temperament, and they are beautiful no matter how they are matched

The material is wear-resistant, breathable, aging resistant, environmentally friendly, soft texture and beautiful appearance

Soft sole flat heel flat flat sandals comfortable non-slip hole shoes, non-slip wear-resistant rubber sole, the shoe shape is also very delicate, highlighting the wear resistance.

Spring and autumn platform soft sole leather shoes leather leather flat heel casual women’s shoes Oxford shoes, set feet and go, soft and skin-friendly, humanized design, convenient and more intimate, convenient for mothers to travel.

The sole design is ergonomic, does not grind feet, and will not get tired after wearing shopping for a day, a very fashionable single shoe

The cute ziplock design of the upper adds highlights to the monotonous upper, and the shape is simple and generous

Non-slip elastic band women’s shoes comfortable soft-soled middle-aged mom shoes, fashionable and versatile, exuding the charm of K-pop fashion, adding height and adding no need for charm.

Summer platform comfortable anti-slip wedge heel women’s slippers national style high heels, but also will not easily outdated style, wearing is very comfortable and beautiful, exquisite and grade.

Women’s singles shoes breathable hole shoes soft sole cowhide women’s sandals beanie shoes, new fashion wisp hollow women’s shoes. The three-dimensional sense is good. The height is just right, and the visual appearance is thin.

Flat heeled soft-soled middle-aged women’s shoes comfortable work shoes with a unique design personality that will not feel stuffy all summer and meet all kinds of needs.

Mom’s shoes flat beanie women’s single shoes lace-up maternity casual nurse shoes, so that when you wear it, light and not tired feet, more elegant femininity, more comfortable, the upper feet are particularly elegant.