What are the brands of bed linen coversTop ten brands of bed linen covers

Bed sheet cover is a brand that people contact every day, people also need to use bed sheet cover when sleeping, and what are the brands of bed sheet cover? If you want to buy a good bed of bed sheets, you must know what are the main brands on the market, according to the brand to buy directly, the following Xiaobian directly introduces you to the top ten brands of bed linen covers.

1. Fuana

Bed linen covers top ten brands one fuana, which was founded in 1994. It is a well-known home textile enterprise committed to R & D design center, modern production base, sound marketing service system and strong comprehensive strength. Fuana takes “creating a beautiful sleep life and creating a century-old home brand” as its business philosophy. And the use of international advanced German SAP ERP system to implement information management, in the home textile industry is also very famous.

2. Mengjie

Hunan Mengjie Home Textile Co., Ltd. was established in 1956. It has three brands with important market influence: “Mengjie”, “Sleep” and “Mengjie Baby”. The company’s comprehensive strength and sustainable development ability rank first in China’s home textile industry. Mengjie Home Textiles develops a wealth of home supporting products, covering multi-level market demand and leading the development of the home textile industry.

3. Mercury

Mercury Home Textiles is an important founder of China’s modern home textile industry. Founded in 2000, its company focuses on professional and multi-brand enterprises in the home textile industry, and the company’s production, sales, channel scale and comprehensive strength rank among the top three in the industry. And Mercury Home Textiles always adheres to the “quality first” and enjoys a happy and healthy lifestyle as the core appeal of the brand, and the products are popular with a friendly, modern, fashionable and warm style.

4. Yalan

Founded in 1989, Yalan Home Textile Group is a collection of production and design. Sales integrated professional bedding company. Among them, the two series of products “FRANSBOR and ELAN” have established the leading position of Arlan in the home textile industry with their classic fashion and personalized taste. And won the honorary titles of “China Well-known Trademark”, “Hong Kong Top Ten Famous Brands” and so on. Now it is also entering the mainland.

5. Violet

Founded in 1995, Violet Home Textile is one of the earliest home textile enterprises in China to take the road of brand development. It has high popularity and reputation in the domestic and international home textile industry. Violet takes the road of brand culture development, takes product quality as life, and actively advocates the concept of green, healthy and comfortable life, which is deeply liked by modern people.

6. Vosges

Vosges Home Textiles is the world’s largest home textile company, since its establishment in 1999, the company’s export quantity and export value has been ranked first in the same industry in China. Vosges Home Textiles takes sincerity and surpassing and creating a wonderful life as its corporate philosophy, making Vosges Home Textiles truly become a world-class home textile product design and development research center, guiding and developing consumers’ potential demand for home textile products.

7. Boyang

Boyang Home Textile is the earliest in China dedicated to the production and sales of home textiles. With its unique design charm, warm and comfortable natural style and elegant product quality, it has won the favor of many professionals and consumers. Become the first domestic home textile brand certified by China Enterprise Confederation.

8. Hengyuanxiang

Hengyuanxiang Home Textile is currently the world’s largest pile manufacturer, involving three major industrial sectors: home textiles, knitting and clothing. With a good corporate image and brand reputation, it has become a model in the industry again and again. And with its good corporate image and cultural connotation, it is deeply concerned and favored by consumers.

9. Lolay

Luolai Home Textile is a home textile enterprise integrating R&D, design, production and sales, and is also the earliest involved in the home textile industry in China. And formed its own unique style of home textile enterprises, Luolai won the “2008 Chinese market most competitive brand” award with its good brand industry leadership and brand public recognition.

10, Menglan

Jiangsu Menglan Group was founded in 1972. After more than 30 years of development, Menglan Home Textile has now ranked first in China’s textile industry. In addition, it has initially formed diversified industries such as home textiles, clothing and accessories, stainless steel products, cosmetics, IT products, logistics, hotels, and special distribution of Guangben Automobile.

What are the brands of bed linen covers? In fact, there are many brands of bed linen covers on the market, not only the top ten brands of bed linen covers introduced in the article, if you need to buy bed linen covers, it is recommended to choose the right brand. In addition to buying a bed linen cover to see whether you are suitable, you should also look at its style, design, etc.

What are the brands of bed linen coversTop ten brands of bed linen covers