1 piece for 2 pieces: leggings with tall and thin

Simple leggings, leggings, if you want to change new patterns after wearing them for a long time, then let leggings and skirts live in your life! Leggings culottes, solid color styles are very fashionable. Leggings are also very easy to match, and it’s absolutely no problem to go out in minutes.

Striped shirt + leggings skirt + canvas shoes

A simple striped shirt paired with an off-white leggings skirt complements the traditional and simple combination. Orange canvas shoes and pile socks stand out, and a beanie hat with sunglasses is cool

Shirt + waistcoat + leggings skirt + canvas shoes

It is necessary to wear such casual outfits to set off your casual handsomeness. Dressed in light colors, look a little fresh in spring. The point is not to wear a shirt with a knitted vest.

Denim jacket + leggings skirt + wave shoes

The matching of Korean sister paper is really excellent for the restrained and gentle mushroom cooling. The cropped denim jacket is paired with a solid gray leggings skirt, which looks very thin. Wearing a pair of wave shoes also fuels the sports trend.

Denim jacket + undershirt + leggings skirt

The denim jacket is definitely a versatile item, and this textured light blue denim jacket is trendy with a simple leggings and leggings, and the gray sneakers blend in with the skirt and echo the hat.

Cardigan jacket + undershirt + leggings skirt

Unlike the previous leggings, this is not a slim style, but this leggings skirt with a skirt feels sweeter to wear, and the star print cardigan jacket is a Taobao hit.

Turtleneck sweater + lace skirt

A warm sweater and a cute lace skirt make you layered this winter without losing the pure beauty of a girl, and warmth starts with leggings, and with Oxford shoes, no one will think that you are wearing a very contradictory thing.


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