It is recommended that women who run around wear more short coats, fashionable and easy to match, showing a smart and neat temperament

With the diversification of winter clothing styles and designs, more and more fashionable items can be selected for us, this winter seems to be more popular delicate short coats, especially for middle-aged women over forty years old, wearing more short coats, is conducive to showing a capable and neat temperament, the whole person’s mental state is fuller. Here are four versatile and fashionable winter short coats recommended for everyone, which are worth buying.

1. Plush short coat

The first thing I recommend is this white plush short coat. The warmth of the plush pieces is comparable to that of a down jacket, and the soft and delicate touch of the plush jacket can also add a lot of atmosphere to winter wear.

If you want to dress more neatly, it is recommended to start with a short plush jacket, with a brown plush undershirt and miniskirt or ultra-shorts, showing the fair legs, expensive and delicate and sexy taste, the black straight boots on the feet are quite designed, the unique split on the upper is leather elements, and the straight design plays a role in modifying the calf line.

Lamb plush short coat in autumn and winter is a highly photographed item, this fresh and elegant style of white plush short coat, after the upper body has the effect of highlighting the fair skin, for mature women is also easier to control, you can wear it with confidence.

In addition, the black and white checked hemming design on the plush jacket adds a certain retro touch to the minimalist style of the look, and the checked skirt with the upper and lower body is elegant and stylish, without losing the sense of luxury.

2. Tweed short coat

For middle-aged women, choosing this soft and textured tweed fabric short coat can highlight their feminine temperament. Of course, when we match, we must also consider the drape of the woolen fabric and other problems, so you can choose this loose style of green turtleneck sweater, with a draped fabric, will not make the shape look too restrained.

At the same time, the fresh and bright green has a brightening effect, so that the shape is not dull, with the black tweed skirt on the upper and lower body, elegant and delicate, black leggings and vintage brown square toe boots, all play a role in highlighting femininity.

The cropped tweed jacket paired with high-waisted straight-leg pants visibly elevates the waistline, and the overall look is crisp and neat. If you’re looking for warmth, you can layer a brown sweater and a white undershirt like this woman, and both inside and outside are dark, so the upper body won’t look bloated, and it also has a certain whitening effect.

Compared with long pants, the cropped style of straight-leg pants has a certain effect of leg length, and with the brown high-top booties on the upper foot, the cuff and the leg are perfectly connected together, visually lengthening the leg length.

For women with an elegant intellectual style, you can choose this brown tweed short jacket with a dark gray tweed skirt, the fabric of the upper and lower bodies is consistent, highlighting the texture of the clothing, and choose this short style of coat, compared to the long tweed coat, it is not dragging and cumbersome, and the lower skirt can be completely displayed.

The combination of this short coat and skirt is more fashionable, suitable for petite sisters, gentle and intellectual and full of little woman’s taste, paired with khaki boots, forming a unified color shape, more harmonious.

3. Suits

Suits have almost become a must-have item for everyone, suits have long been not limited to professional style items, more and more women put suits out of the intellectual atmosphere.

The light gray suit with silhouette style is paired with dark gray sweaters and white undershirts, forming a simple and low-key matching of the same color, the suit comes with a shoulder pad design, which can modify the effect of the shoulder shape, so that our shoulder line looks more straight, wearing a heroic beauty.

If you want to show a sassy and capable feminine aura, then this set of vintage-toned brown blazers is definitely a good helper, using a wide brown suit with a black knitted vest and a khaki turtleneck undershirt, forming a high-grade and layered three-layer superimposed matching, wearing the body is both white and intellectually capable.

This dark blazer, we can boldly try, the lower body with a black tight leather skirt, for the original formal monotonous shape, more vitality and femininity, looks less dull and boring.

4. Leather clothing

Don’t underestimate the windproof and warm effect of leather clothing, leather clothing can be said to be the warmest item besides down jackets and plush jackets, and they are also very well cared for.

This delicate short dark green leather jacket is more casual and lively than black leather jacket, and is used to match high-waisted denim straight-leg pants, which are smart and thin, stylish and personal. The glossy brown vintage booties and the diagonal brown vintage square bag echo each other, full of simple and high-class modern atmosphere.

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