From Xiaobao to Secretary Dongbao, Yang Shuo is the real temperament!

The latest episodes of “Big River” can abuse Sister Ba… Song Yunping died unexpectedly, #Pingping left#, #distressed Lei Dongbao#, made everyone cry on the hot search.

Song Yunhui rushed to Xiao Lei’s house in a hurry, but what he saw was his sister’s spiritual hall, until he saw his sister covered with a white cloth, Song Yunhui’s forbearance suddenly broke out.

And brother-in-law Lei Dongbao’s whole person knelt aside, and only his head was the center of gravity that supported his body.

Song Yunhui lifted Lei Dongbao’s collar, crying and yelling and questioning why he failed to protect his sister.

Lei Dongbao had already cried like an adult, and he couldn’t say a word in the face of his brother-in-law…

This scene made everyone’s hearts be grabbed, all said that men do not flick tears, and the confrontation performance between Yang Shuo and Wang Kai pushed the sad emotions to the extreme.

The once intimate siblings are now only his younger brother Song Yunhui, but unfortunately, the time of this fairy sister-brother love stops here. But Sister Ba was sad for Lei Dongbao’s love for Pingping to the bone, and for the love on the tip of her heart.

How sweet it was at the beginning, how cruel it is now, Lei Dongbao, a rough country man who is not afraid of the sky, collapsed the sky at once.

Crying is more than just crying

Every detail of Lei Dongbao is a play

Yang Shuo really played the character of Lei Dongbao.

When Lei Dongbao first appeared, he was a veteran who returned to his hometown to prepare for a big fight, with the masculinity of a soldier, and never dragged mud and water in his work.

The moment he saw Song Yunping in the town, he fell in love with her at first sight, and Lei Dongbao did not hide it, although he acted a little recklessly, he was very simple and warm-hearted.

Although Song Yunhui dislikes him for being familiar, Lei Dongbao asked Song Yunping for warmth and asked Song Yunhui shamelessly, which can be said to be a typical example of love relying on struggle and career relying on hard work.

Lei Dongbao’s wish is also very simple, that is, to lead the whole village to become rich, and then the bachelors and young men all marry daughters-in-law.

So Lei Dongbao does things in one word: dare! He dared to boldly carry out the reform of “package production to the group” when others were not sure of the policy, so that Xiaolei’s family could get rid of poverty.

When the commune was in trouble, he dared to lead a group of people to beat gongs and drums to meet the county magistrate, and he also did things by himself.

When the county brick factory undercut prices and Xiaolei’s family fought a price war, he dared to withstand heavy pressure and led the whole village through the difficult period.

And don’t look at Lei Dongbao’s ups and downs, he also knows how to flex and stretch, and when Xiaolei’s precast panel factory encounters difficulties, he will go to the cement factory one by one to ask for people.

To tell the truth, Yang Shuo is really too suitable for the temperament role of a real man like Lei Dongbao. The gesture shows Lei Dongbao’s roughness and delicacy with a sense of proportion.

When letting the lazy men in the village work, Lei Dongbao is even kicking and sarcastic, merciless but not responding. Because he waved his hand in a hurry, frowned, and even hoarsely spoke.

Lei Dongbao is the eldest brother in front of his brother, and he is a ruthless person when working, but he is stupid in front of Song Yunping, and it is really this stupidity that makes him especially cute.

Yang Shuo understood the chemical reaction produced by this subtle transformation. In front of the Song family sisters and brothers, all kinds of “compliments”, set almost, when carrying things to the Song family, they didn’t even know where to sit.

When Pingping went to the town to fight unevenly, buttoning up the military uniform was a real man, punching people’s chests, and looking especially Su for the woman he liked.

After coming out, he also took a selfie and said that he was terrible, and he didn’t listen to Pingping’s words and don’t fight.

Lei Dongbao, who finally hugged the beauty back, is a proper wife slave. When he and Pingping took photos in the photo studio, she secretly kissed her while she was not paying attention, and smiled like a child who had stolen candy.

When sending Pingping to the hospital for a maternity examination, his careful and hurried appearance let the whole hospital know that he felt sorry for his daughter-in-law, and he was not afraid that he, a big man, would be called a wife slave.

Lei Dongbao is a big man in front of others and a silly man in front of Song Yunping. Yang Shuo let the double-sided Lei Dongbao switch freely.

In this crying scene in front of Pingping Spirit Hall, Yang Shuo was also moved by true feelings. He cried completely without strength, and his left hand stretched out vigorously said, “I will not marry in this life.”

After the director shouted to stop, Yang Shuo still couldn’t control his emotions and gasped for air.

The staff all comforted “fake, fake”, and Yang Shuo slowly recovered from Lei Dongbao’s grief of losing his beloved.

This crying scene said that tears will make Lei Dongbao’s emotional weight lighter, because only crying is exhausted to reflect Dongbao’s pain and regret, and Yang Shuo did it.

I have to say that through Yang Shuo’s interpretation, Lei Dongbao, a domineering and cute, daring to think and do, sincere and delicate village man, has become more three-dimensional and distinct, and of course, he has also won the love of the audience, including Sister Ba.

The packet always starts to go to oil?

Yang Shuo is more than something you don’t know

The role of Lei Dongbao made Yang Shuo brush another wave of good feelings, and before that, Xiaobao had already let many people see Yang Shuo’s “prodding”.

When Xiaobao always appeared in “Ode to Joy”, it was a harvest of a large number of fans. The first cameo appearance is 10 minutes, and the heat is a rub.

Yuppie male god, flirting skills, walking hormones, etc., as soon as the packet is spoken, the charming subwoofer makes people unable to walk.

And in “Ode to Joy 2”, the charming small bag always began to be said to be greasy. Always dressed fancy and whistle, sometimes wearing flowers in the ears, and the deep dimples seem to be a little tired when you look too much?

In the face of a sudden change in wind direction, Yang Shuo once said frankly

“Whether everyone criticizes or praises me, it is an affirmation of the role.”

The mentality is also particularly relaxed, and I feel that the biggest discomfort for an actor to play a role is that this role makes people have no desire to discuss.

And this time Yang Shuo returned with Lei Dongbao, a silly character in the village, and everyone suddenly felt that “Xiaobao always went to oil?” “Not surprisingly, actually. Because Yang Shuo has never had oil.

When Yang Shuo was young, he looked like a proper handsome man’s face, with beautiful facial features and clear eyebrows.

But he has been fighting in the anti-war drama, and many plays are a rough man, a mouthful of Laozi as the kind of self-proclaimed.

When Yang Shuo used to play in Chinese opera, the husky subwoofer was always disliked as a “broken gong voice”, and homework was often denied by the teacher.

But he is a more real person, he studied more seriously than anyone in school, and after graduation, he moved to major crews, and he never gave up when he was most desperate.

Who would have thought that Pingping and Toho were actually college classmates~

Playing the role of Four Daofeng in “Life and Death Line” is the first time Yang Shuo has cooperated with Hou Hongliang and Kong Sheng, this rickshaw driver who is a bit of a tiger, so that actor Yang Shuo began to have a sense of existence.

When Yang Shuo was trying out with Liao Fan, he also surprised Liao Fan: Yang Shuo, who was younger than Liao Fan for a recent round, really dared to slap Liao Fan for the role.

It can be seen that he is more sincere about a role, in order to make the play good, it doesn’t hurt to be rash at all.

After that, the drug lord Ma Yunfei in “I Am Special Forces”.

The sharpshooter of “Wolf Smoke” Maki Liangfeng.

Yu Hualong, the head of “The Woman of the Swordsman Family”.

Even the cameo starring of Tan Fan Shangxian in “Flower Thousand Bones” (Yang Shuo with a beard and without a beard are really two people!). )

Yang Shuo honed himself in one drama after another, and most of them belong to tough guy style roles, which also made him unable to get off the battlefield of anti-Japanese dramas…

Xiaobao is always a turning point, allowing Yang Shuo to transform from a rural hukou to an urban elite, and he has put a lot of effort into this role, from clothing to action design, anyway, to make himself a little more foreign.

Lei Dongbao is more like a return. After starring in a series of modern dramas, Yang Shuo seems to have found the superimposed gray area between the tough guy of the male strength Max and the hearts of girls.

Therefore, the popular and cute Lei Dongbao is the result of Yang Shuo’s efforts and a proof of his acting skills.

Being wholehearted to every role is the thing Yang Shuo feels most deserved.

Yang Shuo lived a very simple life in life, the crew filmed during the day, and after the play, he went to fitness, read books, and watch movies.

Acting is a profession that needs to be constantly exported, so Yang Shuo tries his best to enrich himself in various ways so that he is not hollowed out.

For Yang Shuo, creating a real character is more important than anything, and he doesn’t mind others calling himself by the character’s name, because “Yang Shuo belongs to his family and friends.” ”

Yang Shuo handed himself over to his family and friends and handed over the role to the audience. So he is more accustomed to using characters to express and works to speak.

Maybe if you go to Yang Shuo’s Weibo now, what you see may be his hard workout.

Or maybe it’s Xiaobao’s signature dimple smile.

But everyone’s efforts behind it are not proved by daily life, more are things you don’t know.

Yang Shuo can be Bao Yifan, Lei Dongbao, or many people… And Yang Shuo is still the sincere and simple actor, and he is still the man with a righteous and free temperament in his bones!