Hani Kezi’s standard Xinjiang beauty figure, short sweater with high ponytail, pure and sweet temperament

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Share the most classic fashion outfits, let you look beautiful this winter, women never lack attractiveness, only lack of skills to stimulate charm. Will dress and make you an elegant woman with taste!

Knitted items such as sweaters are definitely the main force of winter trends, because their fashion and warmth are not bad, whether it is women who are afraid of cold or women who follow trends, they can find knitted items that suit them.

Knitted pieces can be classified from several angles:

1) Press color

: Solid color style, print style.

2) By length

: Short, long, extra-long.

3) Design by neckline

: Round neck, V-neck, high neck.

4) Press the way you dress

: Pullover, cardigan.

The arrangement and combination of design elements can make knitwear items show different wearing characteristics and charm, and personal selection depends on whether the design and their own needs can be agreed.

Xinjiang beauty Hani Kezi wears sweaters and other knitted items out of a fashionable and cute temperament, high appearance + good figure + outstanding clothes, no wonder Hani Kezi became popular as soon as she debuted.

Honey Kiz’s cropped sweater

Short design

Honey Kizi wears a short sweater to show off her waist, this

Waist to body ratio

It’s really incomparable, no wonder it can be popular as soon as it debuts. Hani Kezi’s standard Xinjiang beauty figure, short sweater with high ponytail, pure and sweet temperament. Xinjiang beauties are very high-grade, short sweaters amplify the advantages of the figure, the sense of delicacy is outstanding, and the upper body is short,


Look at less.

Short length in

Above the navel

, exquisite and cute, just look at the style is very charming, if the personal figure is still outstanding, you can enhance the advantages and magnify the charm more times.

Color and print design



Light yellow

The combination of prints makes the sweater fresher to wear,

Playful and cute

The temperament exudes from the dressing.

Light blue as the base color, laying the foundation for the entire outfit


。 The pale yellow cartoon print is regular and generous, showing it


But not childish design effect.

Dress advice

1) Choose a style according to your figure

There are still many people who are suitable for short models,

Short upper body


The upper body is slender

Women can use short sweaters to improve their body proportions and make their image more high-quality.

But if the upper body is relatively rounded, the feeling of fullness is very strong, such as there is

Round-shouldered hunchback

and other situations, then it is not suitable to wear a short sweater, which is likely to highlight the shortcomings of the body and affect the beauty of the image.

2) Choose colors according to temperament

The colors themselves are diverse, plus colors can be combined in any way, so there are countless color schemes. When choosing colors, consider what kind of personal image you want to create.

I want to have temperament


, just choose

Light style

of color matching, or with

Bright colors


Light color

; If you want to make the temperament more


, then choose

The concentration is relatively high

Color combinations.

3) Match with suitable bottoms

I want to wear a “dazzling belly” effect, match

Mid-rise design

of bottoms; If you want to wear a long leg effect, you need to match

High-rise bottoms

It is not recommended to wear it with low-rise pieces, it will look tacky and inappropriate.

Cropped knitted sweaters show their figure more than long ones, and their sense of trend will be stronger, so you can switch your own matching form in winter and show off your charm with short styles.

In addition to cropped sweaters, Honey Kizi also wears other types of knitwear to see what needs to be paid attention to.

Wear other knitwear pieces by Honey Kiz

Purple V-neck sweater

1) Design features


Medium doping



, so the color looks very romantic, inspiring a full girly heart, just the color matching shows the attractiveness.

V-neck design

It highlights the collarbone line, revealing the high-class sense of the figure. The fair skin tone contrasts with purple, the skin tone looks fairer and the purple is more intense.

Bloat sleeves

There are two functions, one is to increase the sense of neatness of wearing and avoid sloppy cuffs; The other is to improve warmth and avoid air leakage in the cuffs.

2) Dress advice

Women with short necks can take advantage of the V-neck design

Improves posture

, so that the line above the shoulders is extended, highlighting the beauty of the neck, so that the wear looks thin and high-class.

You can also wear it when wearing a V-neck sweater

Long fringed earrings

Or is it


, such a combination can define the face shape and lengthen the neckline.

Pink knitted cardigan

Highlighting the sweet and soft girlishness, it is cute to look at, and pink knitwear can increase the affinity of wearing, so women who want to enhance their popularity and improve their popularity can wear pale pink items.

The neckline of the cardigan is also a V-neck, so it has the same function as a V-neck sweater. And the front side of its placket is

Button fastening style

So the neckline height can be moderately adjusted

V-neck cardigan is suitable for many occasions, daily home, travel, activities, etc. can be worn, with fashion and freshness, so it will be practical to prepare a knitted cardigan.

But knitwear comparison


Women with broad shoulders or prominent flesh on their bodies are not suitable for wearing.

Sweaters, knitted cardigans, knitted undershirts are all knitted items, choose a good style, can also be fashionable in winter, women who can wear will not choose trendy items, the right combination can make the charm.

Beauty does not have to freeze, warmth also tastes! Don’t play tall, only talk about the most down-to-earth dry goods skills, let you get closer and closer to fashion. Welcome to share fashion insights and insights!

1) Design features


2) Dress advice