4% of the 22 brands of socks sold in Kazakhstan are unqualified Small socks also have big problems Some detected excessive aromatic amines may cause cancer

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After wearing black socks for a day, the toes are dyed black, I believe many people have encountered such a situation. You may not be taking it seriously, but it’s actually a problem with the quality of the socks. Recently, the Provincial Consumer Association tested some brand socks sold in the Kazakhstan market. The results showed that 9 of the 22 test samples failed the test items, and the failure rate was 40.9%. Among them, Oti Ai brand linen jacquard men’s socks were found to contain aromatic amines that are carcinogenic to the human body, and the measured value of the sample was 9 times the standard limit value.

Socks are a necessity in daily life, because of their small size, the price is relatively cheap, but also so that the socks color loss, fiber content is not labeled or incorrect labeling and other conditions are ignored by consumers. The results of the commodity comparison test recently conducted by the Provincial Consumer Association on some brand socks in the Kazakhstan market showed that 9 brands, including Tutuanna women’s socks produced by Ueda Commerce (Shanghai) Apparel Trading Co., Ltd. and Oti Ai brand men’s socks produced by Oti Ai Socks Industry Co., Ltd., had problems such as inconsistent sample fiber content and measured values, unqualified color fastness to soap washing and rubbing resistance, aromatic amines that were carcinogenic to the human body, and the instructions for use did not meet the standards, with a failure rate of 40.9%. Among them, Oti Ai brand linen jacquard men’s socks were found to contain aromatic amines that are carcinogenic to the human body, and the measured value of the sample was 9 times the standard limit value.

It is understood that the fiber content of socks is not labeled or incorrectly labeled, which will mislead consumers; When the Color Fastness is poor, the dye may be transferred from the textile to the skin, causing harm to the human body; Decomposable aromatic amine dyes made into clothes, not only insoluble in water, but also colorless and odorless, can not be eliminated, this dye in contact with human skin, can cause a variety of malignant diseases and even carcinogenic.

The comparative test samples were randomly purchased in major shopping malls and supermarkets in Harbin City, and the samples involved 22 brands of socks produced or distributed by 21 enterprises in 9 provinces and cities including Shanghai, Guangdong and Zhejiang, with prices ranging from more than a dozen yuan to nearly 100 yuan. The results show that the quality of socks is not directly related to brand awareness and price, and the quality of some large brands and more expensive socks is not satisfactory. The Provincial Consumer Association reminds consumers that dark-colored socks contain more chemical dye components, and consumers should try to choose light-colored products when buying socks for infants and young children.

Non-conforming brands and unqualified items

1. Tutuanna socks

The fiber content and the outer packaging label specifications are incorrect

and the maintenance method is incorrectly labeled

2. Bona Mania pantyhose

The fiber content does not conform

3. LEE socks

4. Increase men’s socks

Non-compliance with fiber content, maintenance method

The graphic symbols are arranged in an incorrect order

5. Oti loves linen jacquard men’s socks

Fiber content, color fastness to soap washing and color fastness to rubbing, decomposable carcinogenic aromatic amine dyes, incorrect specification labeling, drying method is not marked

6. Original word play men’s cotton socks

7. Pierre Cardin transparent velvet silk tights

The graphic symbols and text descriptions are incorrect and the ironing method is not marked

8. Huazi 15D note jacquard hot diamond pantyhose

The specifications marked on the outer packaging are incorrect

9. Jacquard pantyhose (produced by China Resources Textile Company and Shenzhen Huaziyi Company)

The security category is not labeled

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The fiber content does not conform

The fiber content does not conform