Keep warm and comfortable, and go further in winter: SeatoSummit medium shock sports wool socks

Recently, I bought heavy fleece and down jackets, so that I can go further outdoors in winter. At this time, I remembered to go far or take care of my feet, so I chose socks, and after several choices, I finally bought two pairs of seatosummit (for convenience, I referred to as STS) medium shock absorbing sports wool socks.

In my wearing during this time, I felt a lot: it has a certain shock absorption effect and is warm and breathable, and it has a supporting effect compared to regular socks. In the long run, there will be no bad blistering of grinding feet.

Because of such comprehensive performance, this sock can be said to be suitable for all scenes, whether cycling, running, hiking, or off-road. Of course, it is also a very good choice in daily life.

The packaging of STS is not fancy, and the effect after tearing off the plastic bag is as follows. There are many logos on it, which also shows that it has a variety of technologies being used.

The content of the back is also rich, in the bottom 6 parameters, respectively, illustrate the 120% suture strength of its essential oil, 5 times the drying effect, the toughness strength increases by 47%, and 3 35% is the parameter effect of warmth, elasticity and fluffiness. From this point of view, this is by no means comparable to ordinary hiking socks.

Is there Chinese information, here is the ingredients: 49% wool (that is, New Zealand merino wool), and another point is the suggested retail price of 218 yuan, which is similar to my recent flash price of 185 on TM, which means that STS will not be as pompous as many brands marked with hang tag prices. Relatively real, but also relatively high-end.

Remove the outer packaging and remove the socks, which are thick, soft and warm to the touch at first contact. So the upper foot must be warm and comfortable.

There is also an instruction manual: New Zealand merino wool socks. It explains in detail the content of R&D, materials science and so on.

On the other side of the manual are descriptions of the Palatine, the elastic support system, and the structure.

It’s time to take a look at these crooked socks. The design of the mid-cylinder provides more comprehensive care. Of course, the simplest thing is warmer.

In addition, you can see that the bottom of the socks has settings such as thickening and tightening, which also brings support for shock absorption and wrapping.

Zooming in, the toe position and heel position are obvious, and the position of the toe can have cushioning and reduce friction in this design, and the heel is also cushioned and protected.

STS uses a unique weaving technique when weaving, so that cushions can be added to parts of the toe and heel.

The cuff is a short-threaded double-layer cuff, which fits firmly and does not slip off the foot and does not feel tightened. Oh, and there’s also the logo setting.

Flipping the inside will see the details of the structure more intuitively. First of all, the seam stitching design of traditional outdoor socks is not used at the position of the sock, so the friction with the toes is gone, which avoids the risk of blistering in the long-distance outdoors. In addition, the bottom and instep are not tightened, which is the ESS elastic support system, and the socks will be locked when the foot is moved and will not be displaced.

After getting on the foot, I feel the fit, and the breathable mesh at the arch of the foot and other positions can effectively control the humidity and temperature of the foot during movement, which means that it can bring the relative constant temperature and humidity of the environment inside the shoe.

It can be said to be very soft and skin-friendly to the touch, which is woven from merino wool combined with Nuy yarn technology.

At this time, you can see that there are two vertical bars in the center of the socks on the instep, which is the technique of centering the woven socks, which can ensure that the instep protective pad is placed in the correct position and cushion the pressure of the shoe during wearing, and maintain the blood circulation of the foot.

It is worth noting that this sock has left and right feet, and such a design will be more ergonomic. And this design is not found in conventional outdoor socks. So, I started accidentally wearing it backwards.

After correction, you can feel the fitting effect that exceeds the usual. Outdoors, this also leads to a more efficient package.

The outdoor road will not be smooth, and wrapping, supporting, and absorbing shock on rough roads is originally the performance required for a good pair of outdoor shoes. With this pair of socks, the above performance is enhanced. We also have to mention the reliability and comfort that ESS elastic support systems and Paladin technology really bring.

In this way, irregular roads can have a more comfortable and reliable activity effect than usual. At the same time, here I recommend adding a logo to the side of the socks. Otherwise, I can’t see it, it’s too low-key.

In long-term activities, sometimes due to the road surface, the amount of activity is quite large, and the body feels slightly touched at this time. The feet inside the shoes are still relatively dry. At this time, the arch of the sock and the foot are equipped with mesh. Therefore, these socks are suitable for long-distance outdoor activities or high-frequency trail running.

The mud along the way, the tossing all the way made the appearance of the shoes become embarrassing. But the road is also safe. It is also the care of shoes and socks that makes the feet comfortable and not tired. Only in this way can we go further.

Leggings with the socks of the middle tube are actually very good, the reason for the binding of the feet can be to reduce the external scratching interference, and the socks of the middle tube can also bring ankle protection in the binding feet.

A few simple outdoor activities, I don’t think can fully show the performance of SeatoSummit medium shock absorbing sports wool socks. I think in harsher environments, the comfort and stability brought by the power of SEATOSUMMIT medium-shock sports wool socks will be more prominent. So, when choosing outdoor gear for winter, don’t forget these socks.