Do you still wear “jeans” like this? Fashionable people wear jeans like this

Everyone’s wardrobe will basically have a pair of jeans more or less, and jeans have always been one of the fashion items, but many people are becoming more and more casual when wearing jeans, which does not reflect the fashion sense of jeans at all.

Are you still wearing jeans like this? It is a pear-shaped figure itself, but I chose the leggings that least suit me, and then paired it with a high-waisted pink top.

Come and see how others wear all types of jeans to look stylish and good!

Wide-leg pants

The leg shape is not good-looking, the leg is thick and flesh, so choose to wear denim wide-leg pants, it must be a pants that can relieve these troubles.

Many small women worry that wearing wide-leg pants will make them look short, but on the contrary, small people are also very suitable for wearing wide-leg pants.

When buying wide-leg pants, try to choose high-waisted wide-leg pants, and then match them with a cropped top, and you will have a visual sense of legs under the chest.

A small green jacket with light blue jeans has a special spring atmosphere.

Like this red sweater with light blue jeans and wide-leg pants, the difference between the two colors is very large, so we can choose a white T-shirt in the middle to transition a little.

A white T-shirt under the sweater can not only pass two colors well, but also look more layered overall.

For a salty and sweet feel, choose a black leather jacket with denim wide-leg pants, which only needs to be paired with a simple white T-shirt.

Straight-leg pants

The so-called straight pants, that is, the reduced version of wide-leg pants, but when choosing pants straight pants, it is generally better to choose cropped straight pants.

If your upper body is thin enough, you can also match your upper body with a tighter knitwear, and the whole person’s temperament is very gentle.

It has to be said that straight-leg pants are also loved by these stars, in and out of various occasions, used to match different styles of clothes.

If the leg shape is not straight, the little sister can try wearing straight pants, which can modify the leg shape well.

Like this blazer, if it is definitely not good to look good with tight jeans, and the halem pants will be too casual, then straight pants are definitely a good choice.

Harlan pants

A pair of harlan pants can basically fit all the clothes in the wardrobe, and it is used to match the striped shirt casual and good-looking.

Off-white denim Harlan pants with striped shirt have the feeling of a Japanese lady.

If you like this gentle Japanese feel, you can also choose light khaki harem jeans with a striped knit cardigan.

Harlan pants and Martin boots are really very good, because their styles are very close, casual and handsome, small people don’t just know to use high heels with jeans, use jeans with Martin boots comfortable and taller.

Micro-flared pants

Young ladies who like intellectual elegance can try denim micro-flared pants, if it is a fabric version micro-flared pants will be too mature, but casual denim fabric just combines this.

Light blue denim micro-flared pants with a little puff sleeves of the retro small top will also give people a sense of vitality.

Don’t blindly only know to use jeans with a big white T, the jeans outfit just shared is also very worthy of reference.

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