Can a one-time underwear really wear? Let’s take these underwear.

To say the best trip, a business partner, can not be less in the disposable underwear.


Its price is cheap, easy to carry, has become a physiological period, gynecological inflammatory patient, the must-have underwear for the baby mother, can be said to be quite practical.

But there will be some questioning:

Can this underwear really do it directly?

Can you guarantee hygiene?

How is the quality?

Direct contact with the private place or dispose of a disposable product, even if it is easy to use or you can rest assured.

In the face of so many questions, we bought a bestseller from the market.



Disposable underwear

Laboratory test


Real people try on the experience

Come to everyone some answers.


Our evaluation is mainly carried out from the following three aspects:

Product standards and routine detection

Laboratory physical test

Real people experience

We will have a standard record in 11 underwear, as follows:

At present, a one-time underwear has not had a unified national standard, nor is it categorized, so everyone will see a variety of standards on packaging. Anyway, writing the standards of your own refer to the consumer, is also responsible for yourself.

Hygiene detection

The safety of personal items is very important, in the most basic hygiene requirements, disposable underwear needs to meet the national mandatory standard GB 15979-2002 “Situally used Hygiene Products Hygiene Standard”.

The results show that

All samples of microorganisms have not been detected

. This shows that this 11 disposable underwear is doing well in both the production environment or packaging sealing.

Fabric verification

These samples have been proven to be pure cotton in publicity, we have verified.

The measured results show that 11 are 100% cotton, which is in line with the name of the merchant, very good.

The cotton material is soft and skin, and the pressure caused by the environment after degradation will be small after delivery.


Formaldehyde and migrated fluorescent substance


In addition, we also detected the formaldehyde content of the 11 samples and the migrating fluorescent substance. Refer to the test method of formaldehyde formaldehyde,

11 samples did not detect formaldehyde

Most of the disposable underwear is white, and it is close to it, and many people are concerned about the problem of migrating fluorescent substances. Detection results show


11 underwear did not detect


Everyone can rest assured.


In the above test, the performance of 11 samples is not bad, let’s take a look at the physical test.

The feeling of a one-time panties is always very thin, easy to break, if there is a rupture during use, it is embarrassed.

According to usage habits and duration, during use, at least problems such as tear, holes, and dressing. So we sent to the laboratory for strong and moisture detection:

Strong detection

Referring to the standard T / CTES 1020-2019 “Disposable Panties” to break the strong demand for knitted cloth, do test:

The top of these 10 knitted fabrics is over 220N, of which

8 models in 350n and above

Good performance.

Since the No. 5 is a non-woven material, the requirements of the “disposable underwear” for nonwoven fabric breaking strong requirements: T / CTES 1020-2019


From the data perspective, normal use is possible.

Hyphenatism detection

Thickness is a factor affecting moisture absorbing comfort, we detected 11 samples of thickness and moisture permeability:

1, 2, 3 is relatively thick, with 0.61 mm, and the sample is only 0.53mm.

Too thick underwear is not easy to breathably moisture; too thin, it weakens the role of underwear itself, and everyone can choose thickness.

Combine the numerical value of the thickness and moisture permeability rate,

Samples 6, 9 are well-performed in terms of moisturephening comfort.

7, 8, 10, and 11

Real person trial experience

These 11 underwear are individually packaged. 4 of which use ordinary plastic bag packaging, more simple; the rest use dialysis paper packaging, slightly higher in texture.

A personal product, use feelings are particularly important. We found the trial of our colleagues, the use of feedback is as follows:

11 samples do not have an exemption or open in the entire use process, the work is not bad.

Since the disposable underwear is used, everyone’s feelings will vary, and the above trials are for everyone.

Evaluation summary and purchase suggestions

According to the above evaluation, we plus unit price factors, give you a summary, which is recommended:

In addition, when purchasing disposable pants, you can refer to these methods:


1. Select the product identified by relevant information identified by relevant information such as hygiene standards, disinfection methods;

2. Choose a product that is strict and clear, pay attention to the date of production.

3. Try to purchase the disposable underwear of cotton, the material itself determines its moisture absorbing gas to be too bad;

4. When the use is disconnected, if the surface is rough, the tension is poor, there is a significant odor, and there is a small cotton chips when shaking. It is recommended to use it.


At last,

Try not to replace the daily ordinary underwear as much as possible

Don’t remove the disposable underwear, otherwise you can find your door at any time.





Product standards and routine detection

Laboratory physical test