With the wisdom of fighting the “leftover” | Yangyuan drink cold brewing process, the utilization rate of walnuts reached 97%;

As a plant protein beverage manufacturer using walnuts as raw materials, Yangyuan Beverage attaches importance to the sustainable development of enterprise production and ecological environment, forming the awareness of improving efficiency and enhancing the utilization rate of raw materials in all aspects of production, and avoiding the possible waste in raw material procurement and production to a certain extent.

In order to ensure product quality, Yangyuan Beverage has launched the “3.6.36 Procurement Standard”, which not only ensures high-quality material selection, but also does not waste every walnut. In addition, in the context of promoting the deep integration of production, education and research, Yangyuan Beverage established the China Walnut Industry Research Institute to maximize the use and exploration of walnut to create value.

Innovation in production technology

As a leading enterprise in the walnut milk industry, Yangyuan Six Walnuts attaches great importance to the sustainable development of the enterprise and the environment, and practices resource conservation in every link of product production.

In terms of raw materials, the walnuts used in Yangyuan are all selected high-quality walnut kernels from the three major gold producing areas. Over the years, Yangyuan Beverage has practiced the “3.6.36” procurement standard to ensure the quality of products from the source. The so-called “3.6.36” standard, that is, when purchasing raw materials, Yangyuan beverage researchers went deep into each walnut producing area, and after a large number of basic research and data analysis research, selected the three major gold producing areas of Xinjiang, Yunnan and Taihangshan to establish a brand-exclusive walnut raw material base. For walnuts in these production areas, 6 major detection indicators such as moisture, color and taste and 36 strict physical and chemical indicators such as protein and fat are tested. Based on the above standards, Yangyuan realizes the accurate procurement of product raw materials, and to a certain extent, it also avoids the waste of resources and manpower generated in the process of screening walnuts.

In terms of farmer cooperation, since 2008, the state has vigorously promoted walnut planting and seed replacement in Xinjiang, Taihangshan, Qinling, Yunnan and other places, so that the quality of domestic walnuts has continued to rise. Yangyuan Beverage also through the “company + base + grower” model, so that suppliers and growers sign long-term procurement contracts, forming a one-stop model of planting, acquisition, processing and sales, so that growers’ walnuts can be “sold and profitable”, which not only avoids the possibility of waste due to slow sales, but also becomes an effective way for farmers to increase income.

In terms of production process, Yangyuan pays attention to technological innovation and focuses on the improvement of production technology. At present, Yangyuan Beverage has two sets of industry-leading walnut milk production processes, namely “5·3·28” and whole walnut CET cold brew process, which can make the utilization rate of walnuts reach 97%. It is understood that the “5·3·28” process consists of “five patents, three unique technologies and twenty-eight processes”, which has led the development of the industry for several years as a domestic advanced walnut beverage production technology. The whole walnut CET cold brew process effectively removes the bitter substances of walnut kernel seed coat through the original targeted detachment process, while solving the astringency of walnut milk, it completely retains the nutrition of walnut, restores the most authentic taste of walnut milk, realizes the maximum utilization of walnut kernel and its seed and skin nutrition, and eliminates the ineffective use of walnut kernel.

In-depth research and development of walnut value

With the deepening of walnut value research, Yangyuan Drink needs to have more interdisciplinary experts and researchers to support. In the context of vigorously promoting the deep integration of production, education and research, the demand for Yangyuan Beverage is highly integrated with the demand of universities.

In March this year, Yangyuan Beverage and Beijing Technology and Business University jointly established the China Walnut Industry Research Institute to jointly promote the transformation of the walnut industry from factor-driven to innovation-driven. It is understood that China Walnut Industry Research Institute has built a think tank for China’s walnut industry by relying on seven scientific research platforms, including Yangyuan Beverage Academician Workstation, Postdoctoral Research Workstation, Hebei Provincial Key Laboratory of Walnut Nutritional Function and Processing Technology, Hebei Province Plant Source Fermented Beverage Engineering Laboratory, and Hebei Provincial Key Laboratory of Light Industry Walnut Beverage.

The technology research and development center has established close cooperative relations with Beijing Technology and Business University, Hebei Medical University, South China University of Technology, Jiangnan University, China Food Fermentation Industry Research Institute, etc., providing an important base for the transformation of innovation achievements and the training of senior engineering and technical talents. At the same time, Yangyuan Beverage continues to carry out strategic cooperation with global top companies such as DuPont Danisco and Cargill in the United States, and realizes technology sharing, platform sharing and resource sharing while obtaining the world’s top food ingredients.

【Anti-Waste Advice】

★ Establish a scientific and rigorous regulatory mechanism, and explore a scientific and effective new model of government-enterprise co-governance.

★ The most important thing is to establish a correct and healthy concept of consumption, precise consumption, and moderate consumption.

Beijing News reporter Wang Ziyang Image source Courtesy of the company

Edited by Zhu Fenglan Proofread by Zhai Yongjun