The warm and concave vest transforms into a “treasure” girl, mysterious and artistic

In autumn and winter, everyone wants to keep warm and always chooses large and thick items, such as down jackets, coats, sweaters and so on. However, ignoring a thin and warm item, that is, a warm and concave vest, which can be worn outside and inside, and can make you transform into a “treasure” girl, mysterious and artistic, are you moved?

In fact, the solid color shirt is quite easy to match, but this pink shirt is more age-reduced, and if it is not worn well, it will “destroy everything”. Therefore, the vest has to choose this kind of diamond print decoration, retro and literary style, and turn into a “treasure” girl. And the very preppy checked shorts have become the finishing touch of the entire look, full of youth.

And if you choose a floral shirt, then the warm and concave vest should choose a pure tone, so that a complex and simple match, in fact, is still very harmonious. And the choice of bottoms, my advice is still to pick versatile white pants, so that it will not be easy to “roll over”. And the style should be this straight type, which can play a role in modifying the leg shape.

The white dress full of fairy air is really fairy and beautiful, and it is heartwarming to look at. And I think the little fairy who can hold this dress must be super temperamental. Wearing a coarse flower vest with a small fragrant style, adding color can enhance the texture of the shape, mysterious without losing the sense of literature and art, don’t you plan to get it?

The small black turtleneck makes it unquestionable to keep warm. And will the little fairy feel that black is too depressing? If you feel oppressive, you can wear a yellow checked vest, which can not only break the oppression, but also give you a higher sense of warmth. The yellow vest echoes the canvas shoes on the feet, adding a youthful sense to the look.

The geometric vest looks more distinctive, and the neckline design of the square neckline sets off the ladylike atmosphere of full points, transforming into a “treasure” girl. And the small turtleneck slip with haze blue underneath is warm and feminine.

A long black knitted skirt can beautify the whole body in one piece, but just black tones, do you feel that something is missing? Choose a burgundy striped vest that keeps you warm and concave to embellish it to break the dullness of black.

The light-colored checked vest is very fashionable and high-style, and the white sweater is layered, and the temperament is definitely doubled in minutes. A light brown skirt to bless and show your temperament and high-class femininity.

Denim vest jacket with retro embroidery design, highlighting the full fashion charm, mysterious and literary sense. The green sweater with white wide-leg pants is simple in color but fresh.

The principle of layering is very popular in autumn and winter, and the temperamental white coat, layered white vest and checked shirt, shows the perfect fashion charm, full of literary and artistic sense.

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The warm and concave vest transforms into a “treasure” girl, mysterious and artistic