Summer fashion through-through ripped jeans, paired with cropped tops, cool and stylish, beautiful summer

Ripped jeans, popular in the 90s in China, because of the ripped design, increased the fashion sense of jeans, wearing the beauty of young people’s personality, so ripped jeans became popular, in fact, ripped jeans originally belonged to a rebellious style, forced to cut jeans, resist traditional stereotypical aesthetics, so began to slowly become popular. Ripped jeans began to take the world by storm with their irregular holes, and it is the favorite style of young people, fashionable and fanciful.

It can be said that jeans are still the most beautiful to wear in summer. Ripped jeans usually have different shapes, there are wide-leg pants and straight-leg pants, these two types of jeans are more exaggerated in the design of holes, usually have several holes to embellish, fashionable and pulling, very suitable for independent personality, strong girls to wear. There is also a slim version of ripped jeans, this slim version of pants, usually presented in the middle of the thighs on the holes, or both knees and the calf side, there are not many holes in the design, with its embellishment, which not only increases the fashion of the pants but also can wear the slim figure.

So how to choose a ripped jeans that suits you in the summer, ripped jeans have been the mainstream of summer casual wear, and in the choice to choose carefully, the holes can not be exaggerated, point to the end, such beauty is good-looking, followed by the color of the pants to choose, after all, is summer wear, you can choose light blue jeans for the best, after all, this light blue is refreshing and clean, giving people a visual effect is also very good, and black ripped jeans are also a good choice, With the embellishment of holes, the sense of layering is clear, good looking and showing the figure.

Ripped jeans still continue the characteristics of versatility, although versatile, but in the choice of tops still to choose the most practical for themselves, and summer wear naturally choose cool and temperamental, the style is simple and light as well, such as suspenders, vests, shoulders are good, in the color of the top is also based on plain, which can enhance the inner charm, let your beauty cool and fashionable.

Just like this young lady wore a lake-green suspender on her upper body, the thin suspenders wore the style of a wrap bra, which fully highlighted the beauty of the collarbone and shoulder and neckline, and felt the cool and elegant atmosphere of summer. This shirt is cut with a slim fit and a short fit, so it’s as simple as that, fresh and beautiful.

Pair it with a high-waisted ripped jeans that feature a loop-through hole. This kind of ripped pants is very popular with young people, wearing such ripped pants, whether it is the front or the back, it can show the visual beauty brought by the hole. The slim cut of the jeans themselves makes it easy to wear out the slim figure, simple and fashionable and full of young vitality, plus the embellishment of holes, more personality.

In the matching of shoes, this young lady chooses a pair of orange canvas shoes, many young people like to match this way, canvas shoes are breathable, comfortable and light, whether it is leisure or tourism, it is a good match. Such a combination is cool, comfortable and casual, beautiful all summer.

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