What brand of facial cleanser is good? Sensitive skin can also use the wash-off two-in-one facial cleanser with confidence

Shiseido Panli Anti-Wrinkle Facial Cleanser

This is a sample I bought something else to give, so I tried it ~ Main effect: This is the main anti-wrinkle and also suitable for oil skin, mixed dry or dry skin don’t use, I really didn’t feel surprised when I used it. Good to use is good to use, but it will dry out after using it in winter.

Helena purifies and cleanses her complexion

Hao Liana is also a lady-level product, this facial cleanser is also soap-based as the main cleaning ingredient, compounded with a small amount of amino acid surfactant sodium cocoyl glycinate, the cleaning ability is still relatively strong, large oil skin can be used, dry skin and sensitive skin is not recommended for long-term use. A lot of glycerin is added to the ingredients, which can alleviate the damage caused by the strong cleansing ability of the soap base.

Experience: This facial cleanser feels very good, you can wash the whole face every time you use a little, the foam is rich, dense, easy to rinse, after washing is relatively refreshing, the cleaning power is very strong. Therefore, it is suitable for large oil skin and mixed oil skin, and it is not recommended to try it for other skins. In the dry and cold season, it is recommended to use oil skin and mixed oil skin with mild facial cleanser.

Suitable herbal seaweed moisturizing cleanser

Evaluation: Herbal Seaweed Moisturizing Cleanser is gentle and cleansing, soft and smooth after use, and can very gently wash away skin impurities. Seaweed extract can protect the skin well, prevent tightness, and is a good domestic facial cleanser.

Huayu set amino acid facial cleanser

Do you feel that your skin is rough, your face is dull and your pores are enlarged? Then Huayuji amino acid facial cleanser can improve these problems very well! The delicate foam of Huayu Amino Acid Cleanser removes excess sebum and cuticles. At the same time, it is rich in various active ingredients, deeply cleanses pores, effectively improves skin dullness, brightens skin tone, whitens skin, makes skin more bright and moisturized, and tender like baby skin.

The smell of goat’s milk is super good. Enriched with goat’s milk and pearl powder, it has the effect of whitening and hydrating, improving acne skin, lightening dark spots, and regulating the skin’s water and oil balance. The most important thing is that it does not get tight after washing! Suitable for any skin type, pregnant women, children can use, even sensitive skin in the most sensitive and reddish period to use it ok, is simply a savior of sensitive skin.

Due to my long stay up late, my skin is dull and yellow, rough, pores are large, and I have some small blackheads. I often have to rely on makeup to cover my tired face.

And its cleaning power should not be underestimated, the ability to remove makeup is very good, and the wash is clean.

I’ve been using this cleanser for over a month. Now my skin has become significantly whiter and tenderer, and now the pores on my face have shrunk significantly, and my acne and blackheads are significantly less, it is almost like returning to girlhood, even if the plain skin is super good!

What brand of facial cleanser is good? Sensitive skin can also use the wash-off two-in-one facial cleanser with confidence