What kind of bag should a college girl carry? Affordable and versatile bag sharing

The bags that college girls want must be affordable, have a sense of design, and also show a youthful and lively style~

The most important thing is not to be full of models on the street, and they don’t have their own characteristics at all

So today I will recommend to you some of the bags I bought, all of which are of excellent quality and have independent design elements

I believe that all sisters will never lose money when they buy it

Janeberg JONBAG British vintage style niche tote bag

This one is simply my favorite as a retro girl

Although the color is mature, it is quite textured on the back and does not look old

With a more casual literary outfit, it is the perfect British casual retro style girl~

Jane Baige JONBAG vintage brown underarm dumpling bag

This bag is definitely something I don’t carry seven days a week

My colleagues, including me, love the bag

The main thing is that its design sense is full, and the PU texture is very delicate and shiny, making it look like the luxury of foreign big brands

And this year’s super popular underarm bag, I believe that such a retro bag is very suitable for you who love unique~

Janeber JONBAG vintage blue elegant backpack

Compared with the retro and light luxury of the previous two, this bag is super suitable for the daily wear of the student party

For example, I like to carry this bag when I go to class or school activities, and I like to carry it when I wear a more preppy outfit

I like its color very much, it is a very beautiful blue ~ like the sky like a lake, clean and clear, most suitable for young girls~

If you are a girl who prefers Japanese style or retro college style, then this one is not to be missed~

Jane’s JONBAG woven leather strap bag

This is my favorite bag when wearing skirts in summer or sweeter clothes in winter~

Because although the color is sweet, the overall does not look too greasy

On the contrary, it is a very versatile and soft style

Girls who like to wear preppy style or soft sister style can choose this bag for daily wear, which is definitely a brilliant one~

Today I recommend these are good things with a conscience ~ beautiful and durable~

If you think the bag I recommend looks good, please give me a like and follow me~~