Zuo Xiaoqing’s outfit is called age reduction, baseball uniform + denim short skirt, ponytail shape is simple and advanced

Speaking of low-key and powerful female stars, Zuo Xiaoqing is definitely one of them, in fact, every side of her is worth everyone’s attention, for our women, her outfit is also a great treasure, whether it is daily wear or attending events, she is exuding personal unique charm anytime and anywhere,

Let’s look down!

First, baseball uniform with denim skirt easy travel highlights: simple piece combination low-key atmosphere

Zuo Xiaoqing’s daily travel will not choose too complicated or luxurious items, simple and relaxed comfort is her dressing rules, but the use of small skills can indeed add a lot of points to the outfit, this set of summer travel matching is particularly worthy of our collection and reference.

Nostalgic for the refreshing atmosphere of summer, this time Zuo Xiaoqing chose a white T-shirt as an underwear, but the T-shirt is a versatile artifact, any time of the year, anyone, any body It can be held well, cost-effective, and will not go wrong.

With denim skirts, it is also refreshing and comfortable, but also leaves enough space for long legs, in fact, white T-shirts with skirts themselves are a special age-reducing match, full of youthful vitality, this slender and straight beautiful legs are also enviable.

However, Zuo Xiaoqing also specially chose to match a black short baseball uniform, especially casual sports, a simple and easy to travel, the sense of layering is also particularly strong, and it is also very stylish.

With small white shoes and a black backpack, there is no star shelf at all, especially low-key, who doesn’t love such Zuo Xiaoqing? Let’s take a look at more of Zuo Xiaoqing’s collocations next~

Second, all kinds of dresses show off the highlights of the figure: one-shoulder V-neck tulle switch styles at will

Often attending events, the dress is also a big attraction, every time we are full of expectations for Zuo Xiaoqing’s dress choice, because she can always give us a lot of surprises.

The first is the one-shoulder dress, the design of the shoulders seems to be specially designed for her, which can show the delicate collarbone and excellent shoulder and neck lines, especially this superior right-angled shoulder swan neck is really enviable. The black starry sky shoulder dress is calm and generous, and the thinning effect is particularly good, and the light blue shoulder dress is gentle and charming, elegant and unwanted.

The red V-neck dress, the simple cut is full of high-end, the strong femininity is really heartwarming, and the red velvet fabric texture is particularly good, and the gold ring belt also highlights her slender waist, and the body proportion is perfect.

The tulle on the fabric must be a good choice, light and transparent, and you can use its semi-sheer effect to add a mysterious and sexy charm, so that the good figure is faintly visible, and the style is varied.

3. Versatile and practical jeans matching highlights: versatile and practical all year round

In fact, Zuo Xiaoqing also privately prefers classic items, such as jeans, which can be used all year round, and can also show the advantages of long legs. A white shirt paired with dark blue jeans made the event neat, just as formal and serious.

Red cropped leather jacket with black ripped pants, especially personality, tied with a neat ball head, no one can see the age, like the same style of little fairy can quickly get up!

And now blue wide-leg pants have become a street fashion, wide-leg pants are more inclusive of the figure, summer wear is refreshing and pleasant, winter wear with an extra autumn pants will not look fat, one fell swoop is simply not too perfect.

Fourth, winter warm jacket full recommended highlights: long coat short down jacket casual and natural

Winter is here, are the little fairies’ warming artifacts ready? The coat must be a must-have item in the wardrobe, and the gray long coat is low-key and calm, with a yellow scarf, which is foreign and stylish.

The khaki long coat is even more versatile and practical, and the long one is the most able to show the height advantage, with a sweater and jeans inside, you don’t need to match it when you go out, and you have a unique temperament.

Of course, down jackets must also be essential, in fact, winter down jackets do not need much, classic versatility is enough, dark green short down jackets are easy to put on and take off, indoor and outdoor convenient and fast, and do not pick the inside at all, whether it is a black sweater or a white sweater, etc., are particularly simple and light, it seems that you have to quickly collect the same style ~

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Zuo Xiaoqing’s outfit is called age reduction, baseball uniform + denim short skirt, ponytail shape is simple and advanced