The autumn and winter atmosphere is full of college style, “four” pieces are enough, and there are also girls at the age of thirty

Who doesn’t love a delicate and warm outfit? The Autumn and Winter Academy embraces a variety of moods of gentleness, sweetness, playfulness, sophistication, warmth, retro and elegance. Let the single boring winter become more colorful.

What details should be paid attention to in the autumn and winter atmosphere full of college style? The choice of product remains the most critical choice. The “four-piece” piece has a preppy shape, and even if you are thirty years old, you can easily have a girly style.

First, pressed pleated down jacket

The down jacket with pressed pleated design is more comfortable to fit comfortably, and the light fabric and pleated thread routing minimize the sense of fluffiness. Compared with conventional down jackets, pressed pleated down jackets have no bloated feeling, which meets the possibility of college style, delicate and fashionable.

The quirky atmosphere can bloom wantonly in the preppy outfit. Like a funny little devil, occasionally engaging in a little mischief, it makes life have different expectations. The straight down jacket with pressed pleated elements is loose and comfortable, and the combination of black straight pants is simple and delicate.

The sense of atmosphere of the college style needs to be presented by a down jacket with pleated elements. The elements of the pressed pleats, with refinement and restraint, will be more inclusive. The pressed thread makes the down jacket more playful and lively, and the sense of atmosphere of the college style is naturally highlighted.

The college style with a retro atmosphere has a sense of the times. The presentation of retro style is more based on color as an expression. Caramel-colored pressed pleated down jacket, delicate and compact short, light and comfortable crewneck cut, more retro literary style.

In daily wear, the preppy style is liked by more women, whether they are twenty or thirty years old, you can play with the preppy style if you choose the right piece. Caramel-colored pleated down jacket, combined with velvet skirt, elegant and playful.

02. Horn button coat

The horn-buttoned coat has long been a representative of preppy wear. The straight-leg hooded coat, embellished with horn buttons, adds more literary and playful beauty. The sweetness, playfulness, refinement, literature and retro of the preppy style are vividly outlined.

A coat with horn buttons can fill the atmosphere of the preppy style. The brown horn-buttoned coat, large square pockets, and hooded shape have become essential elements in a preppy coat. Age reduction, refinement, literary art, elegance, the feelings you want are within reach.

Of course, if you want to control the horn button coat more perfectly, the details are also indispensable. The blue and yellow plaid scarf has a retro style, making winter outfits more warm. It also vividly outlines the temperament of the college style.

When we choose a horn button coat, the shape, color, details, and style of the clothing are particularly important. Preppy coats don’t have to outline the waist ratio, so they’re more straight-fit. The colors are mainly classic and elegant high-grade colors, black, gray, coffee, brown, brown, navy blue, brick red, are elegant and restrained high-grade colors.

The delicacy of the preppy style is presented in a playful age-reducing style. Therefore, the design of the horn button coat, the fit will definitely not be so rigid. The straight fit, hooded design, and embellishment with large pockets make the preppy coat more distinctive.

03. Loose literary and artistic style

In winter, the preppy style is more stringent in the overall look. It is far from a matching that can be done with a coat, so in addition to the choice of coat, the inner layer is also more important. The loose literary style jacket has a refined college atmosphere.

The loose knitwear in jujube red is full of retro lazy feelings, which is a particularly atmospheric outfit. In the winter preppy style, the inner layer is more relaxed. Wearing with comfort, refinement, playfulness, literature and art as the main elements will inevitably not be so tight and slim.

Because the more slim the inner layer, the easier it is to outline the obvious feminine elements. The preppy style of dressing will not excessively portray character characteristics, but is more presented with a lazy and neutral beauty. Therefore, try to choose a loose and retro style for the inside, which is more preppy temperament.

In addition to the languid sweater, the simple and loose cardigan sweater, which uses the neat polo neckline embellishment, has also become a more refined preppy look. The costume with the polo collar actually has a preppy temperament, and it appears as an underwear, which can set off the overall sense of atmosphere.

The underwear worn in the preppy style is mainly loose and lazy sweaters, and you can also match the undershirt with a polo collar, but the fit should be as loose as possible. The matching of color systems also needs to be more gentle and generous. Don’t choose colors that are too bright and colorful.

04. Delicate small leather shoes

College-style dressing, if all the clothing is taking a literary and lazy route, and the college-style shoes are taking a more exquisite route. A pair of delicate small leather shoes that outline the slender ankles can add points to the overall look.

Delicate small leather shoes, mainly Oxford shoes, generally have rounded toe, lace-up design. You can combine pile socks, mid-tube socks, or dark leggings to outline the slimming lines at the ankles, creating a contrast with the loose upper body, and the overall style is more refined.

College-style outfit is indispensable for a pair of delicate little leather shoes. It can be Oxfords, small leather shoes with contrasting colors, classic loafers, or elegant Mary Jane shoes.

Of course, the most recommended is the exquisite retro Oxford shoes. Pieces that can be worn three seasons a year play a pivotal role in preppy outfits. Brown, coffee, black, brown, are all literary and exquisite colors, the combination of clothing will not be so picky, special exquisite and versatile, and has a preppy texture.

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