The Year of the Rat is approaching, so weave a cute little mouse with your own hands! Send 10 detailed illustrations

2019 is coming to an end, and we are about to usher in the brand new Year of the Rat 2020! In reality, most people don’t like rats because of their sloppy, sneaky characteristics.

However, after the ingenious weaving of our weaver girl, the little mice are so cute, and the wonderful idea of weaving will give everyone a wave of cute mouse illustrations!

Little mouse in a red hat

So cute, like a fairy tale elf with a tall pointed little hat!

Good mouse

Mini mouse pendant

Little mouse in suspenders

Sleep mice

The face of the little mouse puff, if you don’t want to crochet, you can use the puff, dip a little of your own blush, like applying a blush to yourself, pounce a few times, and the effect of the pink face will come out!

Big ears and little mice, it looks good with this relatively plush wire hook~

Little mouse dancing ballet

It’s the Year of the Rat soon, and today I was brushed by so many cute little mice, are you moved? Wouldn’t it make a special sense to make a small fabric doll with your own hands and give it to friends and family, or to make a New Year’s gift for yourself? Let’s take the year of the rat that is coming!