The light of domestic goods! This kind of noble suitcase, cost-effective seconds to kill foreign big names

Seeing time to come to June, it is always a graduation season with the contacted in June. Whether it is the college entrance examination, the senior high school entrance examination is graduated from college, which means a new beginning, everyone will embark on a new journey. Graduation travel has become the most important travel plan of June, whether it is ancient town, alley or seaside, and unforgettable experience is not regrettable. I believe that many people have already made a travel guide in advance, and the tickets and hotels have been booked. What is the most troublesome thing? That is the baggage of the big bag!


In the principle of going to the friend circle, many people will choose to bring a bunch of clothes, and they can’t put it. When you return, you can buy it all the way, things can’t get it even more. So, whether traveling is still traveling, we all need a suitcase with good quality, high value and high.


When picking up the suitcase, brands, quality and prices are often the primary reference factors. In addition, the materials, sizes, and wheels, etc., you need to carefully think about it. Today, the 90-year-old travel box recommended by the small preparation is the color or cost-effective, properly closed eyes.

The suitcase is not only a practical product that must be out of the door, but also a secret weapon of many people, so a high-quality suitcase is absolutely just necessary. The 90-year-old travel dual-use suitcase uses a classic seven-stage bar leather new design, using German Bayer PC material technology, wear-resistant scratch, is because of the outstanding design of this suitcase successfully won the German red point design in March last year. prize. During the test, 40kg weight pressure is not collapsed on the cabinet for 4 hours.

Going out, the suitcase is filled with all our families, because the safety of travel bags is definitely guaranteed. The 90-branch tour binary suitcase uses global universal cryptographic lock design, the password lock is embedded in the box housing, and the operation is very convenient. In addition, the zinc alloy zipper has passed multiple tests and durable. After testing, the cabinet was resistant to 40kg continuous weight loss for 4 hours. There was no collapse, and the handle was continuously subjected to oscillating impact 400 times without damage.

As the saying goes, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. If the purchase of the travel box wheel is not good, if a slight load is broken, the suitcase becomes a waste. Imagine the door, the wheel is broken, and the drag is also moving, and it is not a good night. One of the biggest highlights of the 90-branch tour 2-use suitcase is a smooth universal wheel, which not only guarantees super-quiet, reducing the friction with the ground, but also more stable when the cabinet stands, not easy to slide.

Today, this 90-year-old traveler is a 24-inch version, built-in 65L storage space, is suitable for domestic short-term tourism. The right side of the box is the X-shaped bunch of cloth bag design, which is more flexible. Can be placed in 4 pieces of thin, 4 coats, 4 pants, 4 underwear, two pairs of shoes, two toilets, and easily meet the needs of travel. In addition, 90 branch brought two-use suitcases with TPU handles, the touch is very soft, and is equipped with a rugged foot nail design, stabilizing the protective case.

It’s coming soon, it is a good time to travel, so do you want to travel to buy a suitcase? This 90-year-old traveler two-use travel box is definitely your first choice, and the people in the vast sea of ​​Pick are coming! Finally, I wish all people who love to travel can go to the place that I want to go, do what I want to do.


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ED for this article: Chen Yanling