A must-see for newbies: the variety of bouquet wrappers is popular!

There are many kinds of flowers, but the flowers commonly used in each florist are similar, and if you want to attract customers, you must play tricks on the packaging while wrapping bouquets and matching them well. So what are the commonly used bouquet wrappers? Let’s take a look!

Tips: (The following prices are all prices are online shopping prices, physical stores can go to understand by themselves, each place has a certain difference, the general physical will be much more expensive than online shopping, but do not buy more or buy on the physical purchase, the use of materials can also play their own Oh~)

Hand kneading paper: folding corner packaging, single-sided bouquet packaging, gift packaging (making paper flowers is also a good material, folding roses more)

Size: 60•60cm 64•64cm

Price: 15.5~16.9 yuan/pack, 20 pieces in a pack

Printed hand kneading, pearlescent hand kneading, the price will be much more expensive than ordinary hand kneading, the use is the same

Wrinkle paper/crimped paper: round bouquets are used more (it is also suitable for making paper art flowers, very elastic) with solid colors, snow spots, gold and silver edges and prints, afraid that if you can’t control it, buy solid colors and snow spots

Size: 50•250cm

Price: 2~8 yuan / roll (8 yuan is the price of imported paper, the quality is very good, suitable for making flowers, usually use ordinary on the line)

On the Internet, there are good for selling ready-made crimping, but it is not as good as its own roll, it is rougher, and the package will be more inferior, and you can buy a crimping machine if you have money, about 60 yuan a piece

Corrugated paper: mostly round bouquets, can also be made single-sided (can be used for paper molds)

Classification: solid color, gold and silver edge, ruffle, snow spot, all kinds of printing (with wrinkle paper to buy solid color and snow dot is easier to use)

Size: 50•70cm

Price: from 9.2~12.5 yuan/pack (20~30 photos)

PS: Some corrugated paper will be more brittle and easy to crack, it is best to read the evaluation when buying

Kraft paper, English newspaper: One-sided bouquets and simple style round flowers (kraft paper is often used by the god to origami) It is also very good to wrap gifts or make paper bags, there is a retro taste ~

Classification: White cowhide, ordinary cowhide (i.e. primary color), bear kraft paper, English newspaper, Korean newspaper (sometimes other color options)

Size: About 52 or 78cm (kraft paper of other sizes and grams is also available)

Price: 17~22 yuan/pack (50 photos)

Cotton paper: wrapped flower head, wrapped apple paper, bouquet packaging (will be comparative, but very affordable for the general public, if you want high-end packaging, you don’t need to buy it)

Size: about 50•50cm

Price: 3.6~4.8 yuan/pack (about 40 photos)

There are some foam cotton paper, snow point cotton paper is not very commonly used, not to mention

Cellophane: This is often seen in flower shops, snow point cellophane can wrap flower heads, other things that are not wrapped in flowers are dispensable, you can use it to wrap apples

Categories: transparent, printed, tile, silver, round lace

Size: 45•45cm 70•70cm

Price: 6.00~10/pack (about 45 photos)

Bouquet pictures are really hard to find, everyone forgive me ╥_╥…

Snow Yarn: Wrap the flower head, or wrap it on the basis of wrapped hand-kneaded, wrinkled paper or corrugated paper for decoration, it is best not to use it alone

Size: width 52cm length 3.65m, width 15cm length unknown (just pack the flower head and buy this, a lot of it)

Price: (corresponding to above) 6.5~7/roll 9.8~13 yuan/roll

Four-thread yarn: wrapped in a round bouquet, can be wrapped in the middle, can also be wrapped outside, it is best to add a layer of primed paper

Size: About 52cm wide, 3.5m and 9m long

Price: 3.5~5 yuan/roll 8.7 yuan/roll

When wrapped, it is fluffy and naturally fenced

Pearl yarn / crystal yarn / snow yarn / bright yarn: This kind of round and gorgeous bouquet used to wrap is often seen in some wedding celebrations and events

Size: There are too many sizes online, you can buy by the meter, width 50cm and 70cm are available

Price: 0.8~1.5 per meter, a roll is about 3.8~5.0 yuan

Matte paper: a very high-grade paper, wrapped doll bouquet, the effect of the flower bouquet is very hazy, paper flowers have not been tried

Price: about 18 yuan a pack (20 photos) with a variety of patterns to choose from

Lafite: Look at the picture… The size is not much to say

Price: 16.5~25 yuan per pack (10 photos)

Platinum paper: like aluminum film, it is relatively thin and soft, and the flowers are also very beautiful

Size: 52•68cm

Price: 14.5~20 yuan/pack (20 photos)

Flat paper: Does the picture look shiny? Don’t be misled~ It’s just that it’s similar to ordinary paper, slightly thinner than hard-hammered handmade paper

Size: 52•77cm

Price: about 19 yuan / bag (50 photos)

Cloud silk paper: high-grade paper

Size: 60•60cm

Price: 30~40 yuan (20 photos)

Lotus paper: The pattern is beautiful…

Size: 50•68cm

Price: 18~25 yuan (10 photos)

There are many packaging materials, so I won’t introduce them here! Just come here first, the editor loves kraft paper the most, how about you?