The second-hand house is renovated and decorated with milk tea style, highlighting the beauty of light luxury and softness

What is the milk tea style? We have seen European style, American style, Nordic style, modern style, simple style, etc., these styles are more familiar to us, but with the popularity of different styles, some niche styles have also begun to enter our sight, such as milk tea style! The reason why it is called milk tea style is because it is more in line with the milk tea color in color matching, giving people a warm and stable feeling, and the visual effect is softer and more elegant, so in the process of renovation and decoration of Litian decoration second-hand houses, what is the effect of milk tea style? Let’s explore it!

Milk tea wall paint sets the atmosphere and warms the home

If the lighting conditions at home are relatively poor, you can choose a lighter warm gray, which will not make the home look too dark, but also create a warm milk tea style, and can also be matched with various styles of furniture, which is very versatile.

White cement + milk tea carpet, instantly become fashionable

White microcement:

This material does not create too many gaps, and can also better integrate the colors of the wall and floor. Choose a color that is slightly darker than the wall to appear more calm, and there will be no top-heavy feeling, so that your milk tea style home wins at the starting line.

Cream-brown carpet:

Carpets are a powerful tool to create an atmosphere in winter, and large-scale short-haired carpets or linen carpets make your room instantly feel different; You can also stack small design pile carpets on the floor, and the room becomes stylish in an instant!

Furniture with smooth lines gives a warm and soft feeling

If you want to create a warm and romantic milk tea style, the choice of furniture is also a top priority, furniture can choose furniture styles with smooth arcs, such as curved tables or floor lamps, which not only immediately make the home N times more expensive, but also give people a warm and soft feeling.

If the room is relatively small, you can choose light and soft furniture such as fabrics to make the home feel breathable and make the space closer to nature.

In the process of second-hand house renovation, do you like the design of milk tea style? To this end, Litian decoration said that in the milk tea style design, plants can also be used for decoration, ficus leaf, thousand-year-old wood, measuring ruler are all good choices, there is a sense of harmony of desert oasis. Litian Decoration advocates standardized services, improves the quality of home decoration, and provides all-round honest home decoration services for Jinmen owners! If you want to see more beautiful and tasteful home styles, please pay more attention to Litian decoration!