In winter, it is still a short down jacket to keep warm and foreign, with formulas and tips, all help you sort it out

#Layering out of the loop#

#Small Man Tall Fashionable Diary#

Recently, many young ladies have asked me

How to wear a short down jacket

? The short down jacket is really worth buying, it is practical, not only keeps warm, but also improves some small shortcomings on the body.

Let’s share a few today

Short down jacket

‘s outfit inspiration, both fashionable and warm, but also to help small children

Appear high

Short down jacket + straight jeans

If you are not careful, you will wear a strong feeling, so one

High waist


Straight-leg jeans

It became its partner.

Short top and long bottom

to help you lengthen your proportions.

Choose the underwear of the down jacket as much as possible

Slim fit

, can better tuck the hem into the waistband, enter the room to take off the down jacket, still

of body proportions.

I especially like to put it when wearing long pants

The legs are rolled up


8 points


9 points

The length you want

Still is

Show leg length

, can satisfy you.

You can also choose neat and clean tofu pants, which are not contrary in many scenes of daily life, plus a conspicuous and eye-catching underwear, the shape of the whole body is simple and attractive.


Black down jacket

join together

White pants

The way to wear, up and down


With a sharp contrast, the sense of thinness and sharpness comes out.

In addition to a simple inner layer, it can also be utilized


ways to enhance the sense of layering and weaken the bloated feeling of the down jacket.

If you don’t need daddy shoes to show your height, you can wear a pair of black

Martin boots

, echoing the black down jacket up and down, and quite cool.

Cropped down jacket + sweatpants

As soon as it cools down, people will become lazy, we use

Ride a comfortable one


It’s still very popular nowadays

Athflow wind

The loose fit is friendly to all leg shapes and hides my thick fall pants.

If you want to look tall, tuck the sweatshirt inside into your sweatpants, of course, this depends on the thickness of the sweatshirt.

After all, the down jacket is short, and it can be stuffed without stuffing the corners. You can roll up the cuffs up to 8 or 9 points and wear a pair of thick soles

Daddy shoes

It is taller and can also lengthen the leg line by the way.

Short down jacket + high-waisted skirt

‘s poor coverage, but it is the only choice to create a sense of layering. Take one

High-rise knit skirt

, immediately highlight the waist line and visually lengthen the leg line.

Coupled with the solid color knitwear underneath, the whole look exudes a strong gentle temperament and is very feminine. Many workplace fashionistas dress like this to work~

A sleek cropped down jacket with a cropped one

A-line leather skirt

, exuding a cold and capable temperament. Sisters in the south can refer to it.

It feels like the coat and bottoms are black and too monotonous, that’s it


The color is worked, and the festive atmosphere is very full


is a good choice.

Whether it is a knitted skirt or a leather skirt, it feels a little mature. The girls don’t hurry up and wear a pleated skirt~

The down jacket is also a cartoon bear vest underneath, and the inside is a white base, which is guaranteed to make you energized without losing temperature.

I hope that today’s short down jacket matching formula can give you inspiration and inspiration~

Short down jacket

Short down jacket

Short down jacket

Appear high

Short top and long bottom