Lighter, more elastic and dirt-resistant! Li Ning super light running shoes, which have been popular for a year, have been upgraded again

This spring, Li Ning launched the ultra-light 18 running shoes.

The introduction of 䨻 technology and openwork design, with both light weight and soft elastic foot feel, has been favored by countless players.

After waiting less than a year, the ultralight 19th generation met with everyone, and a comprehensive upgrade was carried out on the basis of the ultralight 18.

The overall shape continues the overall shape and technological architecture of the ultra-light 18, but the foot feel is lighter and more elastic.

The midsole adopts an upgraded version of All-Palm Technology, which is 8.4% more resilient than the ultra-light 18th generation and is lighter.

The openwork structure is still adopted, and the hollow area is larger.

The double-layer support plate design is adopted in the arch part to enhance stability and dissolve the impact of the ground on the arch.

The outsole features the new GCR outsole technology to improve wet slip performance and weigh less than traditional rubber.

The upper of the rack Jaka fabric has also been upgraded for a more comfortable fit and breathability.

The upper of the shoe is added with 3M easy to decontaminate special treatment process, and the midsole is sprayed with fluorine-free anti-fouling formula to make the shoe more resistant to dirt, and players who like pure white color matching are blessed.

Now it is on sale in Li Ning official online store and other omni-channels, the sale price is ¥599 yuan, and friends who like it can start.

Li Ning ultra-light 19

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