Men’s Winter 2016 New Korean Edition Thick Cotton Jacket

A sudden cold air, really cold enough, so all kinds of cold and warm cotton clothes must start, Xiaobian brings men’s winter 2016 new Korean version thick cotton clothes, don’t miss it!

01 Korean version slim men’s cotton coat

Winter 2016 new Korean slim men’s cotton coat, simple and fashionable hooded collar design, retro-style drawstring setting to make it fit the neck, the upper body is comfortable and not tight, and the warmth is better.

Here are the most fashionable sweater jackets for men in winter!

02 Men’s Korean version thickened cotton coat

This men’s Korean version of the thick cotton coat, warm and not bloated fit can highlight the charm of men, when cold with a sweater, make you feel full of fashion.

03 Hooded thick cotton jacket

Fashion hooded thick cotton jacket, men’s winter 2016 new style, pure black looks thinner when worn, thick cotton clothes give you more warmth, hooded brings casualness.

04 Camouflage men’s winter cotton coat

2016 winter new men’s camouflage cotton coat, hooded decorative drawstring design, casual and comfortable, double-edged sleeves better windproof! The camouflage pattern is more trendy.

05 Collarless thick cotton jacket

A cotton jacket with a super handsome upper body, relatively novel print elements, more avant-garde to wear, the collarless design looks neat, and the thick fabric only needs to be paired with a bottoming to be warm enough!

Winter is inseparable from cotton clothes, recommended these men’s cotton clothes are very handsome! The following is the middle-aged and elderly men’s cotton clothes brought by Aries, all middle-aged men come and take a look!

Middle-aged and elderly men’s cotton clothing

01 Velvet and thick men’s cotton coat

Middle-aged and elderly fleece thick men’s cotton coat, stand collar design, suede interior warmth, hat is removable! The two styles can be changed at will, and the intimate pocket can be used to warm your hands.

02 Stand collar and fleece men’s cotton coat

This middle-aged and elderly stand up collar and fleece men’s cotton coat, the design of the stand collar is suede inside, especially warm! The shoulders are designed with a three-dimensional stitching shape, so that middle-aged men can also show their charm in wear!

03 Thickened warm men’s cotton coat

The hooded design of the cotton stand collar is windproof and warm, and it is handsome and stylish! Designed with side pockets for convenience and practicality! Threaded windproof sleeves keep you warm, allowing you to lock in the temperature inside.

04 Men’s business stand up collar cotton coat

Men’s business stand-up collar cotton coat, the design of the stand-up collar can be pulled to the highest place to completely wrap the neck, windproof and warm! There is an internal security pocket on each side for convenience.

05 Middle-aged and elderly wool-collared men’s cotton clothes

The low-key and luxurious fur collar design makes it more atmospheric and warm to wear, and also highlights the charm of middle-aged and elderly men! Both vertical and slip pockets are available to suit your requirements.

What pants to wear with men’s cotton

01 Cotton jacket + jeans

The burgundy cropped cotton jacket shows the masculinity, and the pair of jeans and casual shoes is handsome enough to be simple enough in winter! Wear a scarf to enhance your look.

02 Mid-length cotton jacket + leggings

The mid-length pure black cotton jacket is absolutely barbaric for warmth! Wear a striped T-shirt and black leggings, which are particularly thin and atmospheric, and wear sneakers casually.

03 Cotton jacket + casual pants

The sleeves of the cotton coat are knitted, so it doesn’t look bloated when worn! The detachable hood provides better protection from wind and warmth, and it looks handsome with slacks and lace-up booties.

04 Long cotton coat + jeans

This men’s long cotton coat, special design, fashion to wear burst ~ windproof cuff hem warmth is very high! Wear it with jeans to make men’s charm stand out even more.

05 Cotton jacket + casual pants

Stylish hooded cotton jacket with long legs in a cropped design! Matching slacks, pants are straight to wear to show thin legs, with a pair of casual shoes can be fashionable to go out!

Above is the cotton clothes brought by Xiaobian for men, as well as middle-aged and elderly cotton clothes, and fashionable cotton clothes matching, if you think it is good, you may wish to start!

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