A good child, by the little routine of Turkish ice cream, the whole “crazy”

Turkish ice cream has always been famous for its many routines,

It’s not easy to buy an easy to eat~

But this video next,

Is a know is Turkish ice cream, but also know what routine,

But I still can’t guess the ending video

A good child was driven crazy,

Ate all the tissues of the cone!!

Netizens laughed after reading it~

@李铁根: The young mind is full of holes…

@苍南派: The weight of life cannot bear!

@向堪耐向: Roll out of bed laughing and rolling under the bed, hahahahahaha

@一个阿呆仔: Is it a mental collapse in the end?

@里八神: The soundtrack blows excitingly!

@星野源不吃草: Eating paper is getting more and more aggrieved, I really want to hug that little fat man.

@Waitingforhae1015-: It’s not paper that you eat, it’s sadness!

Turkish ice cream is the toughest and chewiest ice cream in the world,

Like milk candy, it does not melt easily and does not freeze,

The person who sells ice cream will not throw the ice cream to the ground if he pours it over with an iron spoon,

Also known as flying ice cream.

In an ice cream shop in Jinan, there are also children who have been “deceived” by the Turkish brother’s routine.

In the video, the two children took it several times, but they did not get the ice cream. Although he was also very confused, the child was not unhappy, but still cooperated with the “teasing” of the little brother, and finally got a real ice cream.

This Internet celebrity ice cream is “crazy” many people,

Children who have been “cheated” by Turkish ice cream,

There are acute children, who cry when they are deceived once,

Some turned around and left, and some were cut to cry.

(1) A little girl about 2 years old, held by her grandmother to experience Turkish ice cream, who knew that when she just got the ice cream cone, the ice cream was taken away again, she immediately threw the cone and cried.

(2) About 6 or 7-year-old children went to buy ice cream to eat, and Uncle Ice Cream also wanted to tease him as usual, who knew that the child saw that he didn’t get the ice cream twice and turned away. I guess I thought to myself: You want to keep fooling me, I don’t want it yet!

(3) A child about 2 years old, under the leadership of his brother and mother, eats Turkish ice cream, the child’s hands are still relatively fast, but too small, too many organs, several failures. Although he felt very angry, he had no choice but to eat ice cream too much, and his brother kept prying next to him, and he was always played by Uncle Ice Cream, and finally he couldn’t stop crying.

Have you been teased by this ice cream?

Source: Qilu Evening News WeChat: qiluwanbao002

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