When it’s cold, I quickly prepared a few mink fleece coats for my mother, which are noble and warm

Mink down coats, which many people like to wear, are just as popular.

Mink is a mammal that lives in water like otters, so it is also called “mink”. Mink fur belongs to fine fur, the skin plate is excellent, soft and strong, plush and rich, and lustrous in color. The fur clothing made from it is graceful and luxurious, is an ideal fur product, and has the reputation of “the king of fur”, so it has become a symbol of people’s wealth. In foreign countries, it is called “soft gold”. Mink has three characteristics: “the wind blows the fur warmer, the snow falls and the fur disappears by itself, and the rain falls the fur and fur is not wet”. Mink down is a very precious material, with a good feel and very comfortable skin-friendly feeling, very comfortable to wear, and has a good warmth effect. Let’s share a few mink fleece coats for everyone, let’s take a look together, and collect them if you like them!

Middle-aged mother mink down jacket foreign style top middle-aged thick coat

Big fur-collared woolen coat, stylish and stylish. The warm and delicate fur lapel neckline conforms to the curve of the neck, flattering the face shape and protecting your neck warmth. The delicate buttoned placket can be retracted freely to show off your beautiful figure. Long cropping, visually tall. Symmetrical slant pocket at waist keeps hands warm and practical.

Gold mink fur all-in-one coat middle-aged mom tweed coat

Age-reducing warm mink velvet jacket, temperament is warm, light and luxurious, graceful and luxurious. Elegant and comfortable neckline that defines the neck. Pocket unique design, diagonal slip pocket, warm and comfortable, no sense of restraint. Straight sleeves, define the arm line, keep warm and beautiful. Chic fashion hem, covering the hips to show thinness, no sense of restraint.

Gold mink coat with fat and plus-size mink down coat

Warm mink fleece jacket, light luxury to reduce age. The large fur collar is fluffy and comfortable, which is more comfortable to wear, warm and stylish. Oversized fur collar hat design, thicker and warmer, real fur collar windproof warmth effect is very good. Pocket unique design, square pocket, warm and comfortable, no sense of restraint. Straight cuffs to define the arm line. Chic fashion hem, slim and slim, flattering the figure.

Middle-aged mom noble mink velvet coat short large size gold mink tweed coat

Age-reducing warm mink velvet jacket, warm temperament, light luxury and elegance. Fashionable large fur neckline, thicker and warmer, fur collar windproof and warm effect. Comfortable shoulders, details highlight the quality of workmanship. The straight sleeve design is more beautiful, which is both warm and modifies the arms. Chic fashion hem, covering the hips to show thinness, no sense of restraint.

Fat mom thick warm mink down coat fat size size middle-aged and elderly golden mink down coat

Warm mink fleece jacket, thicker warmth, light luxury and age-reduction. Fluffy and comfortable neckline to define the neck. Diagonal slip pocket for warmth and comfort, convenient and practical. Straight cuffs, define the arm line, beautiful and warm. Chic stylish hem to define the figure.

Ethnic style cashmere coat with imitation fur wool coat

Ethnic style cashmere coat, simple atmosphere, warm and comfortable, full of fashion. The comfortable fit outlines the attractive body shape and has a visually slimming effect. The stylish neckline reveals the neckline and flatters the face and highlights the femininity. Simple regular sleeve shape that conforms to the arm line for casual comfort. Simple hem, chic and elegant, highlighting the beauty of a generous and decent temperament.

Foreign style mother mink down coat noble cashmere coat

Mink down jacket, noble and elegant. Comfortable and breathable high-quality fabrics, the brand cut that mixes sensuality and intellectuality will make the mother look extraordinarily beautiful. Good fit, wear a good figure. Skin-friendly soft fabric, light texture, comfortable and skin-friendly.

Middle-aged mom coat golden mink down coat foreign style middle-aged and elderly mink down coat

Silhouette with lapel tweed coat, casually thin and warm. Simple lapels with delicate diamond-set embellishments to define the shape of the face. Simple solid color straight sleeves, clever cover thick arms, elongate slender little hands. Symmetrical slip pocket for convenience and practicality. Comfortable fit, covering flesh to show thinness, not picking the figure.

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