Rent a house and live comfortably! The ultra-detailed fan purchase guide is well received

In order to save money, many landlords will not provide air conditioning unless the tenant is willing to add money. But for newly graduated students, the rent of less than 1,500 or more or two or three thousand is enough to unaffordable, and then pay for thousands more with an air conditioner, thinking about it feels stressful.

However, as the global climate continues to warm, the summers of recent years have become hotter. During the day, the sun is like fire, the night is hot and hot, lying in bed and turning over and over and unable to sleep, the next day to work is very unenergetic, work efficiency is also greatly affected. Therefore, even if the landlord does not provide air conditioning, he must buy a fan to make his stay more comfortable.

How to choose a fan? Which one to buy? Most of the graduates are helpless and do not know how to start. In fact, as long as you pay attention to these points, you can choose a good fan.

1. Choose desktop or vertical

Desktop type does not occupy an area, flexible movement; The vertical air supply is far away, and the appearance is also more beautiful. Both have their merits. How to choose can be based on the size of your room. The rooms are smaller in size and can be selected as desktop ones. The room is large in size and can be selected vertically, so the whole room can cool down.

2. Look at the power and the number of fan blades

What determines the size of the wind speed is the power and the number of fan blades. The greater the power, the stronger the wind; The more fan blades, the farther the wind blows, the softer it is.

3. Look at the gear

A good fan should provide enough gears, not just high, medium and low. The finer the gear division, the more it can meet the personalized blowing preferences.

4. Look at the noise

Summer heat, people are easy to be hot and can’t sleep, if the fan working noise is very loud, the quality of sleep will definitely be affected.

5. Pinduoduo

Just graduated, tight on hand, choosing a fan must depend on the price. Now, on Pinduoduo, tens of billions of subsidies, unprecedented ultra-high subsidy amount, many big-name fans can also start at low prices:

1. Large wind fan

Don’t look at it as a small desktop fan, but the wind power of this fan should not be underestimated. It adopts high-quality copper core brushless motor, which is powerful, high temperature resistant and wear-resistant, which can provide a source of power for operation, make the wind more powerful, and let you immediately feel the coolness of the two of you. Compared with traditional fans, which can only swing left and right, it supports 720° all-round rotation, no matter where you are, you can enjoy a comfortable breeze.

2.7 fan fan

Whether it is an air conditioner or a fan, there is a common problem of cold air blowing. Strong cold wind blows directly on the human body, which can easily cause dizziness and joint pain. The biggest advantage of Emmett’s fan is that it uses 7 patented wing blades, and one rotation of the fan blade is equivalent to cutting the cold air 7 times, making the wind more delicate. Combined with the bionic principle, each fan blade is combined with a different cutting angle, which can simulate the natural wind to a greater extent and truly blow a soft and delicate wind.

For the needs of large space blowing air, it also realizes 10 meters of long-distance air supply, with the left and right 90 degrees swing head and up and down 25 degrees adjustment, can send the wind to every part of the room, whether you are standing on the ground or lying on the bed, you can blow all over the body and enjoy the coolness.

3. Cost-effective fan

The choice of fan also depends on the brand. Big brands mean more advanced technology and more guaranteed quality. This fan of Midea is cost-effective, who buys it regrets it – regrets buying late. It not only achieves 240m/min rapid air supply, easily blowing all corners, but also has 9 wind sensation experiences, from breeze to strong wind, you can choose as needed, easily customize your summer good time. In addition, it also supports 7H scheduled appointment, you can customize the time according to your own work and rest habits, no longer need to get up in the middle of the night to turn off the fan, let alone worry about the wind all night and get cold.

4. Fan recommendation for sensitive people

Also from Midea, this fan is designed for sensitive people. First of all, it adopts a triple scattered wind turbulence system, which can deeply disperse the wind, making the wind softer and more comfortable; Secondly, it adopts a wind wheel to disassemble and wash the design, and the rear mesh wind wheel can be easily disassembled and washed to avoid dust accumulation caused by unclean air and respiratory health problems;

Third, it adopts high-quality SQD static static machine, which is smoother for long-distance travel, and realizes 58dB low-noise operation, which does not disturb your work during the day and does not interfere with your sleep at night.

There is no air conditioning in the rental house, and it is all dependent on patience in the summer? How can this be! Put away this fan shopping guide, you can also choose a satisfactory good air conditioner.