Ten women’s fragrances also give you a fresh summer & Tanabata gift must see

Ten women’s fragrances also give you a fresh summer & Tanabata gift must see

Today, Uncle Mo will recommend ten summer women’s perfumes to you, a must-see for Qixi gifts!!

Givenchy Baby Bear

Top notes: orange, white rosin, lemon

Heart: honeysuckle, jasmine, lily of the valley

Base notes: amber, musk, oak moss, Brazilian mahogany

Rating: 8.5 points

Price: 50ml/228, 100ml/328

(1) The top note is a sour citrus tone, which gives people a relatively clean and clean feeling, but the citrus tone here is more intense, the sour taste is heavier, and there is a little soapy water feeling, and the notes appear more vibrant. (2) The scent of lily of the valley and honeysuckle began to become heavier, and there was a faint jasmine fragrance, a bit like the baby tissue smell of the heart-to-heart family, and the slightly sweet soap feeling also began to exert force in the heart note, combining floral and citrus aromas, and there was a feeling of lemon soap. (3) The afternote gives people a very soft feeling, honeysuckle gradually becomes the main position, the slightly sweet soap feeling becomes weaker, there is a faint milk fragrance, the note is very mild, making people feel very comfortable and clean, and the fragrance also becomes seemingly non-existent with the passage of time, which can be disguised as body fragrance.

The Water of Parma Myrtle California Laurel

Top notes: Myrtle, basil, lemon, bergamot

Heart: seawater, jasmine, rose

Base notes: frankincen, juniper, cedarwood, amber

Rating: 8.4 points

Price: 30ml/298,75ml/488

(1) The lemon flavor of this fragrant top note is very prominent, accompanied by a little basil leaf aroma, myrtle has a very weak green breath, and the top note appears sour and rich in water, giving people a refreshing feeling.

(2) The middle note of floral and woody notes, the pairing of jasmine and rose, there is a little green bitterness, vaguely feel a touch of ocean breath, the floral fragrance is very light, and it passes quickly.

(3) The combination of juniper, amber and cedar in the back notes is very good, the taste of woody fragrance is more prominent, with a hint of white flowers, clean and soft, frankincense gives people a feeling of body fragrance.

Hermès Nile Garden

Top notes: carrot, grapefruit, tomato, mango

Heart notes: orange, peony, cattail, hyacinth, lotus

Base notes: Laudan, iris, cinnamon, musk, burnt incense

Rating: 9.5 points

Price: 30ml/298,50ml/458,100ml/598

(1) One epithelial is a refreshing citrus tone, the aroma of citrus and grapefruit is very light, the citrus fragrance also includes green leaves and flowers, mango and tomato give the note a sweet and sour taste, the overall feeling is that the wind blows in the forest next to the Nile, the floral aroma is mixed with sweet and sour fruit aroma, but with some fat powder flavor.

(2) The water lily in the heart brings a sweet and moist feeling to the note, the taste of the cattail is also very restored, peony and hyacinth, lotus blend, fat powder sense is more obvious, the note is still fresh and beautiful, slightly sweet, to the back of the woody tone is slightly revealed.

(3) The note of the back note is more gentle and broad, the taste of cinnamon is heavier, slightly a little mango aroma, the note is mainly flowers and fruits, with woody tone rounded floral and fruity aroma, but the fragrance is still a little sharp, the note is mainly a light floral and fruity aroma plus a slight woody tone, not sweet and not greasy, piggyback with herbaceous flavor, and the body is cold and quiet as the main tone.

Zumaron English pear with freesia

Top notes: Cantaloupe English pear

Heart: Freesia rose

Base notes: musk, patchouli, amber, rhubarb

Price: 30ML/365,100ML/698

(1) The opening of this statue is full of the sweetness of pears, as if the late autumn wind has a sweet and fruity smell, which makes people feel that this fragrance has a hint of careless maturity in youth.

(2) Along with the nose comes the rich floral fragrance of freesia and roses, freesia nature fat powder, the elegance of roses neutralizes a lot, and the wonderful reaction of this combination gives people an elegant and charming feeling.

(3) Finally, the taste of patchouli and amber will gradually fade the sweetness of English pears, giving people a sense of reassurance, but there will also be a hint of sweetness, blending into a dignified, elegant and unpretentious atmosphere.

Diptyque Water in the shadow

Top notes: sap, citrus, blackcurrant leaves, blackcurrant

Heart notes: bergamot and rose

Base notes: blackcurrant leaf, ambergris, musk

Rating: 8.9 points

Price: 50ml/598, 75ml (fragrance)/718

(1) The taste of blackcurrant leaves in the opening scene of this fragrance comes directly up, which is relatively sour, the sap smell of breaking vines, the green and oily green feeling of grass and trees, and later the sweet and sour strength of citrus and blackcurrants slowly comes out.

(2) The Bulgarian rose in the heart is the finishing touch, the presence is very strong, but there are residual tail notes of blackcurrant leaves, which will not be as sweet as the traditional rose fragrance, and it looks very clean.

(3) Ambergris and musk are added to the back notes to make the breath softer, and the rose and lemon particles, the green acid of blackcurrant leaves, the sweetness and sourness of blackcurrant and citrus are fused with each other, which is more stable and restrained, with a sense of restrained delicacy, a green acid Gabolian rose.

Rudan’s glasswood

Smell: citrus, aldehyde, musk, Kashmiri wood, spice

Rating: 8.6 points

PRICE: 50ML/598

(1) The top notes are sharp, and a large amount of aldehyde creates a cold and sharp feeling, which is the kind of coldness with a metallic feeling, and the freshness of citrus instigates this feeling next to it.

(2) The sharpness of the heart will not be so strong, it is still relatively cold, but it is also much more relaxed, mixed with the woody aroma of Kashmir wood and a little musk, giving people a feeling of more transparent and clean, and the notes are slightly spicy.

(3) The soap of the back note white musk is slightly sweet, giving people the feeling from cold to fresh, and much softer, no longer have that sharp touch, spices are also very good to warm up the note, musk and citrus in the back note full volatilization, making people feel like the bubble fragrance of citrus soap, the note is still a relatively mild and calm type.

Liberate Orange County like your people

Top notes: mint, fennel, bergamot grapefruit

Heart notes: gooseberry leaf, green leaf, hitty warbler, rose

Base notes: musk

Rating: 9.0 points

Price: 30ml/368

(1) The green sense of the top note is very strong, very fresh, with green and very cool mint smell, grapefruit and bergamot with a slight “watery” sourness, mint + fruity flavor here will not have the feeling of toothpaste, but also a more technical mint fragrance.

(2) The floral fragrance of the heart rose is gradually stronger, the smell of green leaves and gooseberry leaves has also come up, the green branches and leaves with roses, is the tone of green roses, but compared to diptyque’s water shadow, it is not the same, there is no watery rose feeling, but simple green roses.

(3) The back note is more decent, the green sense fades, the coolness of mint comes up again, floral + soap + coolness is combined, but it is very similar to the feeling of mint-flavored shower gel washed, but it is quite fresh, but there is no need to mention the fragrance.

Sumar Magnolia Qinxia

Top notes: bergamot

Heart notes: Magnolia, vetiver, patchouli

Base notes: cedar, oak moss, amber

PRICE: 30ML/778

(1) The top note is a very straightforward lemon note, but the sense of green is particularly strong, the green lemon and grass branches and leaves composed of the green scene, the fragrance of magnolia is very light, and lemon complements each other, the lemon here is treated so rarely, full of unique.

(2) The middle note of light magnolia and vetiver is the main position, magnolia accounts for about 60%, the cold and elegant magnolia is combined with vetiver, patchouli adds a little coolness in time, the overall feeling is more intellectual maturity, very textured, and the note is sweet.

(3) The back note is more obvious with grainy cedar, oak moss mixed with the afterscent of magnolia, with cedar and slightly earthy vetiver, amber appears in the back of the comparison, the note carries a little bitterness, there is a kind of grassy and woody tone, accompanied by a slight magnolia fragrance, the whole note is more elegant and atmospheric, and very charming, as time goes by, the fragrance becomes more and more skinny.

Armani Jade Dragon tea aroma

Top notes: orange lemon

Heart: Tea

Base notes: Ambergris

PRICE: 100ML/1148

(1) This fragrance opens with a fresh and hearty citrus aroma, faintly with a hint of green tea, but not obvious, and the top notes are very fresh.

(2) The heart is the combination of black tea and green tea, from the fresh green of green tea to the roasted and smoky feeling of black tea, it is very calm and gives people a Zen feeling.

(3) The fragrance of the tea leaves in the back note with ambergris creates an illusion of mountain flowing water, with a sweet aftertaste, which is both warm and charming

Crean Bamboo Rhyme

Top notes: neroli oil, bergamot bitter orange heart: tea mimosa, spices, bamboo base notes: oak moss, yerba mate, fig leaves

Rating: 8.8 points

PRICE: 50ML/1600 (1) THE TOP NOTES ARE VERY FRESH AND NATURAL, FRESH LEMON AND NEROLI OIL, BITTER ORANGE BLENDED, WITH A FAINT TASTE OF BITTER CITRUS PEEL, SMELL A LITTLE POWDER AND SPICES, A VERY GOOD OPENING, BUT THE TOP NOTES DISAPPEARED FOR A SHORT TIME. (2) The presence of the heart tea leaves is very strong, very rich tea aroma with the fresh breath of bamboo, mimosa and bamboo are more embellishment, the green breath of bamboo with a slightly warm tea fragrance, giving people a fresh and elegant feeling. (3) The back note is much warmer than the front, but it is still a tone dominated by yerba mate, and the cool breath of fig leaves is combined with slightly salty musk and oak moss, giving people the feeling that it is still as solid as this brand, or quite imitating the feeling of bamboo forest in the evening, with the feeling of wen bamboo, which is a very good tune.

Rating: 8.5 points

Rating: 8.4 points

Rating: 9.0 points

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