An elegant piece of the older goddess, Chole’s bohemian heels are essential

Chole has always been a brand with a wild girly feel in Honey’s heart, and women who like bohemian and retro style should like it.

In fact, the birth of Chole determined its distinctive brand style. In the early 50s of the 20th century, when the war ended, new ideas attacked old traditions for a while, and Chole was one of this batch of new ideas.

In 1952, in order to reverse the rigid style of French women’s clothing at that time, Jacques and Gaby resolutely founded the Chole brand, which is full of feminine line beauty, soft and romantic.

One of the founders, Gaby, born in Alexandria, Egypt, was a woman desperate for freedom and romance, and left home after the war to travel thousands of miles to Paris in search of a free and open world. However, the old-fashionedness, negativity and imprisonment of Parisian women surprised and disappointed her. Soon, she became friends with artists and thinkers on the left bank of the Seine, a group of motivated young people who love fashion, love all things beautiful, and constantly seek breakthroughs and innovations.

So Gaby decided to start the expression of her new ideas in fashion, she hired skilled seamstresses from the defunct Lucienlelong haute couture store, and began a new design with simplicity, vitality, comfort, well-made and fashion as the core. And changing the previous habit of naming the brand after himself, Gaby chose a very feminine word – chole.

Their first collection is dresses made of light cotton silk, which are “cool and breathable, neat in appearance, and all reveal the freedom of women – a comfortable and relaxing physical freedom and the spiritual freedom of leisure sports”. These dresses full of warm neutral tones (beige, ochre, etc.) and transparent and comfortable quickly became the hallmark of Chloe’s fashion.

To this day, light yarn, floral motifs, and gentle flowery have always been Chole’s style, and it is this style of Chole that gave a specific definition of the romantic bohemian spirit, making it one of the most popular styles of the 70s.

Therefore, the high heels of the Chole family also express this style all the time.

SPEAKING OF CHOLE’S HIGH HEELS, THE MOST FAMOUS IS THE LAUREN PETAL SHOES! In fact, petal shoes do not refer to a certain model, but to the highly recognizable wavy element. Chole uses this element to design a lot of simple and romantic shoes, including flat heels, short block heels, high block heels, with straps, without straps and so on.

The waves of flower petals are easily reminiscent of women’s curves or curly hair, so femininity and romance are at the heart of this collection of shoes. But at the same time, it is simple and solid color, elegant, and a little retro, which is a typical shoe suitable for parents.

Ballet shoes are also very versatile and easy to wear, whether it is pants or small skirts, they are full of French romantic style, and the reference price of this series is four or five hundred euros.

In addition, Honey’s favorite is these Thong button Oxford heels. The square toe, shiny, carved, plus thin band T-button, retro and elegant, playful and cute. The most important thing is that it is not hot at all, and there is no need to worry about hitting shoes at all~

However, this shoe, probably two years ago, may be more difficult to buy now, and the sisters who are excited can only pay attention to find it!

There is also this spiral double strappy sandal, a classic by Chole’s creative director Claire, with a chic tapered heel with a warm earth color scheme, a strong bohemian beach style, free and open, with a bit of Greek goddess flavor.

The spiral strap wraps around the foot, simple and slender, revealing the beauty of feminine lines.

In comparison, this year’s Chole’s new model looks a little rougher. Inspired by the essence of Chole’s brand, these 60mm high-heeled openwork heels are a star of the spring/summer 2021 runway because of the combination of wavy lines and contrasting transparent stitching.

The chunky horseshoe and calm chic complement the buckle ankle strap, and a modern feminine style comes to the face, which matches the popular bronze healthy body style.

Similarly, these closed-toe leather boots have a black paneled leather cutout design, which is bold and mature, revealing a motorcycle feel.

This FRANNE wooden square heel heel is more feminine, softer and more stable, and the semi-circular curve is just right, mature working women can try.

These brushed calfskin crossover sandals are the most unique of this year’s spring/summer models, with a soft weave that is casual. These new sandals are priced at more than 7,000 and have a distinct style, and if you like such a handsome exotic style, it is still worth trying.

This year’s skateboard shoes have also done some innovations, plus sneaker soles (this year’s sneaker soles + high heels are really hot), although much more dynamic, but there is always a grandma’s walking shoes feeling.

In general, Chole is still a brand with a very clear style, people who like it should be die-hard fans, and those who don’t like it may never necessarily fall into the pit, everyone can be loyal to their hearts!

Don’t forget to pay attention, more good looks continue to share!