MLB American Baseball Cap & NFL Truck Cap Posting List

【Reality Show】MLB Professional Baseball Cap & NFL Truck Cap Posting List

The hat controller is back to drying new equipment.

MLB’s baseball cap is also considered a frequent customer of Aunt Zhang, mainly the domestic counter price is too pitted, the starting price of 358 yuan, not discounted, what a world… Or the conscience of the American Amazon!

↑ The price is pit daddy’s MLB domestic counter

Black 5 found two hats in the Meiya Sea, not the explosive NY New York Yankees baseball cap, but the less popular MLB and NFL. But personally think

Better looking than NY.

1. NFL truck caps

The NFL is Major League Football, and I chose a yellow-capped red brimmer.

↑ I like this Indian logo

↑ Yellow is a very positive medium yellow, the hat is very thick, and the texture is first-class

↑The brim is flat-roofed, suitable for most head shapes

↑The inside of the hat is also delicate and thick.

Taking advantage of the sunshine, I took a picture of a real beast in front of the house, and it was frozen to death – the sun in Changsha is a light bulb in the refrigerator, looking at Liangtang, it actually has no effect at all! I feel like meat in the fridge at the moment…

↑ I am cold into meat buns

↑ “Secretly tell you that there are idle benefits at the end!” ”

↑This is the end of the reality show

Brief summary:

NFL’s yellow truck hats are suitable for both men and women, and the texture is also good, and I will buy other colors when I get the next sale.

2. MBL baseball cap

Baseball caps I bought for the Los Angeles Angels,

Because the logo looks good!

But the tragic thing is – I bought big!! I can’t even wear it for some men… I had to endure the pain of discounting second-hand idle value, and leave a message of interest.

↑The head circumference is 62.5 cm, which is suitable for men with a large head circumference

↑The color is very positive crimson

↑ Also flat hat

↑Angel LOGO big love! The stitching is very delicate

↑The brim is black, so I didn’t tear off the label because I want to sell second-hand

↑Anti-counterfeiting trademark, numbered

↑ The price is 34.99 US dollars, more than two hundred yuan, I bought it at five discounts on the day of black 5

↑The back of the hat has the MLB logo

↑ Your beloved Chen Laoshui is also a fan of MLB and has many MLB hats

↑ Because the size is too big, I hang my hat in the 99 yuan free shipping idle value transfer, by the way play Aunt Zhang’s new function, I don’t know who will be the first friend to patronize me?

Regarding the brand introduction of MLB, the following ↓ This original article is very comprehensive, so I will not repeat it.

All in all, I think MLB’s hat is worth it

“Top-quality baseball cap”

The title is worthy of being an old American brand for more than 80 years.

Meiya has a lot of color style choices, it is recommended to buy black 5, many styles are 5% off, but Yankees NY does not seem to be discounted. However, I think there are many logos that look better than the Yankees, so there is no need to follow the trend.