What are the characteristics between the different towels?

If you’re wondering which boy is unhygienic, you can tell the difference not only from the clothes and socks on his dormitory bed, but also from the towels next to his bed, because dirty towels are sticky and smelly.

Use towels every day, the cleanliness of towels is not only related to the freshness of indoor air, but more importantly, if you do not pay attention to cleaning and maintenance, towels will become a vector for spreading bacterial infections.

Cotton towels, blended towels, cloth towels, microfiber towels, jacquard towels, bamboo fiber towels, what are the characteristics of these towels with different names?

Bamboo fiber towel: Bamboo fiber towel is to

Made of 100% natural green bamboo as raw material, it is a new type of healthy towel that integrates health and beauty, which is not only environmentally friendly, but also has good antibacterial properties. Due to the influence of material factors, after a long period of use, it will not harden and there are fewer particles.

Cotton towel: It has always been a towel with better sales, it is made of natural cotton fiber, with good moisture absorption, alkali resistance, hygiene and heat resistance. Natural cotton has no stimulating effect on babies and is very suitable for young and elderly families.

Microfiber towel: Microfiber towel is a pollution-free new high-tech textile material, with strong water absorption, good air permeability, mildew-proof, bacteriostatic and other functions, will not remove hair or fade when used, especially suitable for hygiene, very suitable for cleaning furniture, cleaning glass and washing cars.

Jacquard towel: on the jacquard machine to weave towels of different tissues, different colors or raw materials into different patterns, the tissue structure of jacquard towels is complex, and its pattern is exquisite, the design of colorful and changeable, and there is a very complex weaving process.

Long-staple cotton towel: long-staple cotton is thinner and longer than ordinary cotton, and the terry is delicate, thick and plump, with high wear resistance, the whole long-staple towel is fluffy and soft, delicate to the touch, good moisture absorption and breathable effect, wear-resistant and durable, no pilling, but the price is relatively high.

Regular disinfection replacement within two to three months:

Dirty towels are places where bacteria gather, and many family bathrooms are crowded, damp, not ventilated, poorly breathable, and not exposed to direct sunlight, suitable for bacterial growth. In addition, dirt such as oil, dust, dandruff, mites, sweat and other dirt accumulate on the towel, and if the towel is not cleaned and replaced regularly, it will seriously lead to the rapid multiplication of bacteria.

Many people wash their faces, wipe their feet, etc. use a towel, some people do not change towels for a year and a half or even years, do not disinfect regularly, poor quality, wet and hot towels all year round have become a place to hide dirt, and often become the vector of some diseases. After using the towel for a period of time, there will be a large number of bacteria and microorganisms attached to the towel, which should be every

Replace every 2 to 3 months. In addition, towels should also be disinfected regularly, and it is recommended to disinfect them twice a week so that there is nowhere to hide various bacteria.