That year: The temperature drops slightly, let’s have a fairy wild crochet pullover (with woven illustration)

After hooking this just in time for the temperature drop in the south, everything came just right.

『 That year 』

With Line:

Many more

Fine wool three strands about 7 taels+

With needles:

2.5 crochet


Weaving instructions:

Using the method of crocheting from bottom to top, the front and rear pieces of four braid grids start with 39 grids, row 13 groups of fan flowers, 18 groups of fan flowers are reduced from the armpit to 9 groups of fan flowers, 7 groups of fan flowers are left behind the front and rear collar fossa, 4 fan flowers in the collar socket, 2.5 fan flowers on each shoulder, and the front and rear pieces and shoulders are sutured. The sleeves first crochet the cuff lace, arrange 8 groups of flowers, add 1 fan flower for every 2 groups of scalloped flowers, add 11 groups of scalloped flowers under the armpits, and crochet the sleeve peaks for stitching.

Illustration Reference:

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Author | Qiutong handmade