Zeng Li is very temperamental, wearing a long army-green sweatshirt, casual and fashionable and age-reducing

Zeng Li is a very temperamental woman, coupled with very good at dressing, the whole person looks very attractive, this issue we will learn Zeng Li’s dressing style, Zeng Li wears a military green long sweatshirt, casual fashionable and age-reducing, the outfit she wears looks very simple, but it reveals high-class everywhere, whether it is matching style or sweatshirt design details, are very bright, let’s savor it.

The sweatshirt worn by Zeng Li is different from our common sweatshirt, the sweatshirt she wears is a long design, which can be said to be a skirt to wear, but there is a certain difference from our common dress, under normal circumstances, after we wear a long skirt, it will give people a flowing and flexible beauty, but the long sweatshirt worn by Zeng Li gives people a casual and comfortable feeling, and it is very aging.

Although this sweatshirt is a long design and slightly loose, it has a very delicate waist design, so it avoids the feeling of bloat and the embarrassment of short legs. In order to make the overall outfit look not too monotonous, Zeng Li adopted a layering method, she chose a black undershirt with a half-turtleneck design as the underwear, and the exposed neckline played a role in embellishment, making the overall outfit more layered.

The layered dressing method is very commonly used in fashion dressing, especially when we encounter a relatively simple clothing style, in order to avoid a sense of monotony, you can use the layering method, but it should be noted that when two clothes are layered together, the clothing color should not violate the sense of harmony, if the color of the clothing is not very good at the girl, you can choose the same color to wear.

Zeng Li’s outfit is also worth learning, the sweatshirt she wears is a loose design, and it is long, so she chose black slim pants to match, can play a thin role, in fact, the long design of the sweatshirt can not be paired with black slim pants, the use of the missing bottom matching method is very good.

Zeng Li in order to make the overall outfit look more age-reduced, she chose small white shoes to match, small white shoes are very versatile shoes, can be matched with jeans, can also be matched with black slim pants, sometimes with the right skirt can also be, can highlight the youthful atmosphere.

Want to wear a sense of premium, in addition to matching the clothes on the body, you can’t ignore other fashion items, such as hats, and then fashion bags, Zeng Li is very powerful, she chose an off-white beanie to match, so that the whole person looks particularly playful, played a role in reducing age, and she also chose a fashion shoulder bag to match, so that the overall outfit style is more advanced, Zeng Li who can wear is indeed very young, wearing an army green long sweatshirt with small white shoes, age reduction and fashionable.

Let’s take a look at a few outfits here to learn more dressing skills.

1. Black top with black pleated skirt

Black-based clothing, although it looks very low-key, but it is very thin, very suitable for girls who want to wear thin clothes, especially slightly fat people, you can choose black-based clothing, of course, want to wear a sense of premium, the chosen style must have certain characteristics.

Although the black top worn by Zeng Li is a little low-key, but it is very design details, the edge of the top is embellished with white threads, which plays a role in lighting up the whole body, and makes the overall outfit more three-dimensional, and also avoids monotony, black pleated skirts are friendly to most girls, not only covering flesh, but also very thin.

2. White top with white leggings

White and black are the basic colors, relatively better to control, some girls may have a darker skin color, can not control the black-based clothing wearing, then you can give preference to white-based clothing.

Because wearing white-based clothing will give people a very fresh feeling, and will also give people a very clean feeling, the point is that most girls can wear a sense of seniority, just like the outfit worn by Zeng Li, although each piece of clothing is very simple, but the visual effect temperament is fresh and elegant, and with a light-colored handbag, it is very fashionable.

3. Navy blue polka-dot dress

The dress worn by Zeng Li is very good-looking, mainly navy blue, belongs to dark colors, and is particularly thin on the body, plus this dress is very advanced in terms of design style, the upper body is a relatively slim design style, and the skirt is slightly wider, worn on Zeng Li, perfectly outline her small man’s waist, full of feminine charm.

And also integrated polka dot elements, played a role in embellishment, so that the overall outfit look will not look too monotonous, especially the waist design, the waist line is raised very high, so it gives people a sense of both legs below the belt, tall and thin.

Girls who really don’t know how to match clothing can also choose black and white like Zeng Li, as long as the style is chosen correctly and wears a certain proportion of clothing, you can wear a sense of premium.

Well, this issue of clothing is shared here, I hope it will help you and make yourself more beautiful.

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