Choose your travel gear and tell others to be on the road

I’m Stone Meow. My understanding of buying and buying is this:

If you need it, it’s better to pick a beautiful and good-looking one.

But if it is not necessary, I am also against cutting hands and planting grass blindly.

You don’t have to go through a hundred pages on various shopping platforms, and if you need anything, just pick what you like from my list.

Tips: All lists are my wish list, do not guarantee the quality and service of the product, if you have any questions about it, please communicate directly with the merchant; If you have any problems with the products in the list, you are also welcome to leave a message to expose it.

The holidays are here, I wonder if you have planned a trip with your family?

Whether it’s planning a travel route or packing your luggage, everything is a headache, both light and not lost.

Meow is no exception, just by himself

Small items to prepare before traveling

Share with you.

Luggage storage

Pockets in a variety of storage sizes

¥ 39-58

Seeing this storage bag, there is a sense of déjà vu, probably because of the practicality and popularity, it is stored by many people.

It can be folded when not in use, palm-sized, does not occupy a lot, and becomes an oversized storage bag when used.

There are 7-piece sets and 8-piece sets, a variety of storage sizes, clothes and shoes during travel can be put in, effectively sorted and classified, reasonably placed inside the suitcase, but also save a lot of space.

At the end of the trip, the three pockets can also distinguish between clean and dirty clothes, even wet clothes that have not yet dried, without worrying about affecting other clothes.

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Waterproof and portable toiletry bag

¥ 19.8

The washbasin in the hotel bathroom is too small, the sink is wet and dirty, and the toiletry bag is nowhere to be broken?

After opening, this toiletry bag has an independent hook, and it can be hung directly on the towel rack when washing, which is simply a boon for obsessive-compulsive patients.

There’s plenty of space inside, just right for facial cleanser, lotion, lotion, vials of shampoo, and the mesh layer can also hold sun protection, barrier and face towels.

The bag is a good size, so it is convenient to stuff it into a suitcase or travel bag, so that even if the liquid leaks out, it will not come out and stain the clothes.

eTravel flagship store Tmall

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A ticket package that does not litter documents

¥ 29

This card holder can be divided into categories to throw boarding passes and documents you need at any time, passports and even large amounts of cash can be stuffed, so that you no longer have to panic about finding something.

The capacity is very large, up to 7 cards can be placed, and it is placed vertically, which is more convenient than horizontal handling.

Meow friendly tips, travel should be recommended

Value and important things are separated

, in case of loss, it is estimated that it will be a despair that will not be recovered.

Youlai flagship store Tmall

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Waterproof bag

¥12.9/9 pieces

If you’re traveling to a country or region with changeable weather, Meow recommends bringing a waterproof bag.

The thin waterproof bag does not take up space and is durable. Important items, such as mobile phones, certificates, etc., are safer to put in a waterproof bag, on the one hand, to be waterproof, on the other hand, it can also prevent water from being damaged after pouring in.

The original flagship store was set up on Tmall

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Portioning bottles

¥32.9/8 set

When girls go out, all kinds of skin care cosmetics in bottles and jars are essential.

This set has 8 vials, there are various forms of flip cap, squeeze, foaming, and can be found in corresponding small bottles for different water milk essence creams to isolate foundation.

If you are worried that the color is the same, you can affix a waterproof logo tag on the bottle body, the logo tag does not need to be purchased, and the customer service will be given away.

Gather cute Discover the good life of Taobao

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Foldable drying rack


Where do you dry your clothes after washing at the hotel? Generally hotels are equipped with three or four hangers, but basically they are not enough, and there are no clips.

This hanger is different in that it can be folded, it is easy to carry, and it will not take up too much space in the suitcase.

Not only foldable, but also retractable, each has a hook on it to hang small pieces of clothing. There are also 2 clips on it, which is convenient for drying underwear and socks.

There are 8 in a group, which can also meet the use of travel, the color is fresh and natural, and the most important thing is that the price is relatively close to the people, one is less than 2 yuan.

Doloqoo Toot Leku flagship store Tmall

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Personal care

Eliminate the blindfold of exhaustion from travel


Eye masks are a must, not only on planes, but also in hotels to help you fall asleep faster.

What is particularly intimate is that its internal structure is similar to swimming goggles, leaving room for the eyes, which does not directly compress the eyeballs, which is much more comfortable than a flat eye mask.

Unlike general heating eye masks, its heat source is only distributed in the orbit for one week, and does not directly heat the sensitive eyeballs and eyelids.

In this way, the heat will not take away the moisture from the eyes, and avoid the eyes from drying out the more you apply it. It not only promotes blood circulation in the eyes, helps sleep, but also relaxes the eyes, soothes eye bags and swollen eyes, which is simply a miracle medicine to eliminate the fatigue of the journey.

The official flagship store of aisleep Tmall

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A neck pillow necessary for sleeping and resting


If your journey requires a long ride in the car, and your neck hurts when you sleep halfway, with this neck pillow, you can lean on it to sleep with a tilt of your head, which will be much more comfortable.

The overall weight of the U-shaped pillow is okay, and there will be no shoulder pressure after wearing it. It is filled with latex particles, but the fluidity is not high and it is comfortable and soft.

The top has a four-button hook design, which can be hung on a backpack or trolley case, so you can use it as you go, and it doesn’t take up much space.

Rest well to play well, take planes, trains to sleep and rest is necessary, make the journey more comfortable.

Xiaomi’s official flagship store Tmall

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Portable mouthwash in jelly packaging style

¥32/10 capsules

This mouthwash, the volume is really only the size of jelly, packed in a bag, you can take one at a time.

There are three flavors, rose, mint, and alcohol-free original, so tear open the package like jelly, pour it into your mouth and rinse it for 20 seconds and spit it out.

The individual packaging relieves the embarrassment of breath or eating something smelly at any time, and can be used safely by alcohol-free driving and pregnant women.

Dudu Dental Purchased Worldwide

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Whitening care toothpaste granules


LISH Lanshu overseas flagship store Tmall Global

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The big toothpaste with a tube squeezed ah squeezed is simply weak burst, is there?

Lush’s toothpaste capsules are ultra-portable, not to mention, a box has a month’s amount.

Colorful in small and cute glass bottles, it looks a lot like various small pills.

After eating, pour out a grain and chew it, and the toothbrush is full of foam, which is very convenient.

Or when there is no toothbrush, gargle with water after chewing, which can also make the mouth clean and smell fresh. The bottle-like packaging is fun and easy to carry on the road.

Digital appliances

Multi-country adaptor plugs


If you are traveling abroad, many jacks do not match with the country, and the conversion plug should be carried with you.

Many airports and planes have sockets, and in case the plane is delayed, a plug on the body is more reliable than a charging treasure.

Bull This globetrotter USB converter is a combination adapter plug with a wide range of compatibility. Suitable for the United States, Germany, Japan and South Korea and other national power specifications, there is a corresponding country name on one side, not afraid of not finding.

And with its own USB interface, you can charge seven devices at the same time, whether it is a mobile phone, laptop, iPad or camera, even if you don’t travel, you can prepare one at home.

The small one can easily fit in your pocket and does not take up much space, so you are not afraid to travel all over the world.

Bull Electric Flagship Store Tmall

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Portable kettle


For the news that often breaks the hot water kettle boiling underwear, Meow Meow will bring a portable kettle.

Migu’s electric kettle is really practical.

First of all, the boiling speed is fast, the temperature can be set freely, and the drinking water and milk powder can be controlled at will.

Secondly, you can cook porridge, which is too suitable for mothers who take their babies out, bring some rice, and add some vegetable puree to stir, and the baby’s complementary food can be easily done.

Note that if you are traveling abroad, the voltage in some countries is different from that in China, it is recommended to consult customer service first to purchase a kettle under the corresponding voltage.

Migu Ru Tao specialty store

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Security class

Gospel scavenger sleeping bag for hygienic patients


The hotel sheets look white and flawless, but whether they are really clean may only be known to them.

Not only is the hygiene of ordinary and affordable hotels worrying, but even the hygiene of many star hotels is also unreliable. With this dirty sleeping bag, you can sleep soundly outside.

It is like a sleeping bag that can cover your whole person, similar to ordinary sheets, and the volume will not be very large.

Even the pillow can be put in, and the package without dead ends can be said to be very intimate in all aspects.

There are two sizes, single and double, and those who have a diaphragm or a cleanliness can bring it, and there should be no problem sleeping as much as possible without sleeping naked.

Youngtime flagship Tmall

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Door block burglar alarm


Travel safety is definitely the most important thing, especially a girl traveling alone or on business, will always feel that the hotel with the key card to open the door is not safe. It is also insecure to hold the door against a chair or table, so you may wish to bring a portable door barrier burglar alarm.

Although it looks average, the small body is very easy to carry.

Placing the door stopper under the crack can prevent the door from opening from the outside, and the automatic alarm function can be turned on at night.

When someone comes in, the siren makes a loud noise.

Smartfrog electrician flagship store Tmall

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That’s all for today’s sharing,

Do you have a better Amway when it comes to travel essentials?

Stay in the comment area to let more friends know about it.

Be sure to take care of yourself when you travel, and I hope you all have a wonderful holiday.

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