Although he still earns 30 million a year and sticks money to help the old public restaurant, Liang Yongqi’s dashing confidence has confidence

Liang Yongqi, who has not appeared for a long time, led to a misunderstanding in one sentence.

She said at the screening of the new MV “Capitulo”: “I want to take a break in music for the time being, and try to make dramas in the future.”

The word “rest” makes people think that she is going to quit the music scene, after all, she is also middle-aged, the record industry is in a slump, and it is not impossible to transform or return to the family.

After the outside speculation gradually rose, Liang Yongqi quickly issued a statement: “Everyone misunderstood. Don’t worry, I still love to sing. ”

It turns out that Liang Yongqi is not going to quit the music scene, but just to adjust.

In fact, for Liang Yongqi, who has a net worth of more than 100 million, she can already enjoy a free life, whether it is “retirement” or a new attempt, she has enough confidence.

Debut is the peak, and the “high sister” is also smart in earning money

Liang Yongqi has been debuting for 26 years, unlike other actresses who have worked hard in the circle to get out, she holds the card of the big heroine and has a smooth journey.

At the age of 19, she was only in her sophomore year and was discovered by scouts and filmed an advertisement for the Titan watch.

Coincidentally, the advertisement was noticed by Er Dongsheng, and Director Er invited Liang Yongqi to be the heroine of the movie “Chariots of Fire”, and the male protagonist is Andy Lau, who is in the limelight.

The newcomer partnered with the king of heaven when she debuted, plus she was tall and pure, and the industry named her “Gao Mei”, and Liang Yongqi became popular.

Since then, she filmed Stephen Chow’s “Hundred Changing Stars”, and also co-starred in “Rogue Doctor” with Tony Leung and Liu Qingyun.

In just one year, there have been many big coffee in the circle, Leung Yongqi quickly skipped the newcomer stage and rose straight to the ranks of first-line actresses, and the Hong Kong media regarded her as the new head of the jade woman.

Naturally, her salary also skyrocketed.

In the 90s, the salary of Hong Kong’s first-line actresses, we can check, even if Leung’s name is not in the list, it can be used as a basis for measurement.

In 1995, even the last actress offered a salary of 700,000 Hong Kong dollars, and Leung Yongqi, who became popular at that time with “rocket speed”, should not be lower than this level.

Before 2000, Liang Yongqi made more than ten movies, and in terms of film salary, she already had a net worth of at least tens of millions.

But movies are not all of their income, after gaining popularity and popularity, Liang Yongqi switched to the music scene and started a new career.

Her debut album “Love Yourself” opened up the Hong Kong market after its release, and her second album “Short Hair” allowed her to successfully enter the mainland record industry, and the title song of the same name “Short Hair” from this album is still passed down as a classic to this day.

During this period, the share of album sales was another huge amount.

Liang Yongqi’s starting point can be described as very high, and her luck gave her the title of “talented (wealthy) woman”.

Unfortunately, Fu Wushuangzhi, 1999’s “Shuangqi Grabs Face”, let Liang Yongqi bear the stigma of “Little Mistress”, and her career once fell to the bottom.

In October 1999, Ekin Cheng’s birthday, the paparazzi originally wanted to film the news between him and his girlfriend Shao Meiqi, but they didn’t want Leung Yongqi to walk out of Ekin Cheng’s house generously.

This news such as “Flat Earth Thunder”, shocked the Hong Kong circle, gossip magazines hyped up, and the relationship between the two surfaced.

Because Ekin Cheng has declared more than once that he will marry Shao Meiqi as a wife, but he does not want to split Liang Yongqi again, this relationship has caused both parties to suffer heavy career losses.

The jade girl has become “worshiping gold”, and the value of tens of millions of endorsements does not fall

After their careers hit a bottleneck, Leung Wing-ki and Ekin Cheng had very different attitudes to solving problems.

Zheng Yijian has no intention of hitting “Jiangshan” and follows the flow.

But Liang Yongqi is completely the opposite, and has released two albums – “Fresh” and “Fireworks” and achieved great success, which can be regarded as stabilizing his music territory, although the speed of attracting gold has decreased, but it has little impact.

But in terms of public opinion, the public still can’t accept her involvement in the relationship between Zheng Yijian and Shao Meiqi.

At an award ceremony, as soon as Liang Yongqi took the stage, the audience booed, and in 99, she was named the “most hated female artist”, and her reputation fell to the lowest point in her life.

Faced with such a dilemma, “Gao Mei” did not flinch, on the one hand, she handled her relationship with Zheng Yijian in a low-key manner, and on the other hand, she continued to make rapid progress in the music industry.

In 2002, she released 3 more albums, and also won the 25th Top Ten Chinese Golden Composition Award with “Gao Mei” in 2003.

After working hard for a long time, the outside world gradually changed, and everyone began to affirm her low-key attitude of maintaining a relationship and taking her work seriously.

Word of mouth reversed, and Leung Yongqi’s commercial value was not affected.

In 2002, when she endorsed a brand of camera, the endorsement fee was as high as eight figures.

As soon as the news came out, the media were shocked that the ability of “Gao Mei” to absorb gold was so high, and after digging carefully, it was found that 2002 was the 7th year of Liang Yongqi’s debut, when she had an annual income of 50 million yuan.

With a net worth of tens of millions and an 8-figure endorsement fee, this “high girl” earns money quickly.

But in addition to the hard work in the entertainment industry, Liang Yongqi also invests in real estate.

During the financial tsunami, the net worth of many artists shrank significantly, but she took advantage of the downturn in the property market to “dig the bottom” and spent 15 million yuan to buy the 27th floor of Star Domain, the top luxury house in Wan Chai, Hong Kong.

This mansion has had a murder and is regarded as a “murder house”.

However, Liang’s mother did not care, thinking that there was room for appreciation, and Liang Yongqi obeyed her mother’s life without fear of tens of millions of expenses to throw real estate, which shows that she has strong strength and investment courage.

But after the career went well, the relationship went wrong again.

In 2006, Leung Yongqi and Ekin Cheng broke off for 7 years, and there are many opinions about the reasons for their breakup.

One side said that Ekin Cheng was dissatisfied with Leung Yongqi’s “forced marriage” and finally chose to break up; The other party said that Zheng Yijian had no intention of career, and the strong woman and weak men made this relationship unsustainable.

Perhaps, the second speculation is closer to the real situation, and the report on the details of the breakup between the two proves that Liang Yongqi has a tendency to “worship money”.

Three years before the breakup, Leung Yongqi forced Ekin Cheng to decorate the whole house at a cost of up to one million, and in 2005, Hong Kong media revealed that although the man had zero income, he still exchanged millions of Hong Kong dollars for a new car, just to please the woman.

Even near the breakup, Zheng Yijian spent 10,000 yuan to invite Leung Yongqi to dinner in order to save his girlfriend, which not only exposed the woman’s high material requirements, but also overwhelmed Zheng Yijian, who had a stagnant career and little income.

Perhaps, Leung Yongqi’s “material” is only because the income gap between her and Ekin Cheng is getting wider and wider.

These million decoration fees and 10,000 yuan dinner, in Liang Yongqi’s view, are just ordinary consumption, after all, she has more than ten endorsements alone, ranging from cosmetics to contact lenses to clothing, and these endorsement fees alone are enough to crush Ekin Zheng’s annual income.

The breakup of the two was not a wise choice.

But this change also did not stop Leung Yongqi from expanding her career.

In 2008, she signed with Meiya, and it was rumored that the transfer fee was as high as 20 million, and the focus of the new company was on the film market, which was also indispensable to the contribution of Liang Yongqi.

During that time, Liang Yongqi participated in more than ten movies, and roughly calculated, tens of millions of dollars of salary went into her pocket.

Career has expanded steadily, and emotionally she has finally “gained”.

In 2011, Liang Yongqi married her Spanish boyfriend Sergio, and “Gao Mei” found a home in life.

Sergio’s family background is very different from Leung Yongqi, who is worth a lot, he is just an ordinary migrant worker with a monthly salary of 50,000 Hong Kong dollars, and the Hong Kong media uses “marrying” to describe Leung Yongqi’s marriage.

But in her opinion, this does not affect her happy life in the slightest.

After marriage, Leung Yongqi, who has a net worth of more than 100 million, posted money to the old public restaurant, and the couple were photographed by the media choosing a shop in a prime location in Hong Kong.

Liang Yongqi himself is very profitable, although he has been “outdated” to this day, he is still exposed by insiders to earn 30 million a year, and it is a “salary” of one million an hour to walk a catwalk.

And she is really good at investing, she has made a lot of real estate over the years, and still holds 4 sets of mansions and shops, and has become a proper winner in life.


Therefore, it is really quitting the music scene and transforming into acting, just taking a break and making adjustments, and now Liang Yongqi has the confidence to do what he wants.

Once, when she married her Spanish boyfriend, there were media ridicule that her life was not satisfactory, and her 7-year bitter love for Zheng Yijian was not as good as a “newcomer” Meng Jiahui.

But Liang Yongqi used facts to prove that the happiness of life is not in the outside world’s comments, but in her own heart.

Looking back, the old “Shuangqi Face” has become a joke, and the rivers and lakes will laugh at it when they say goodbye.

Leung Yongqi, who has a rich net worth and attracts money in many facets, has no fear of the past, and only needs to live as she pleases.

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