Guangqi Honda’s “original intention” and “ambition”

On December 16, the long-awaited Guangqi Honda INTEGRA was officially launched. There are six new models with prices ranging from CNY 129,900 to CNY 166,900.

“Draped” with the name of INTEGRA, the style can be said to be the focus of the spotlight by nature, coupled with pragmatic pricing, it is naturally already a popular booking.

But Guangqi Honda’s expectations for it are obviously more than that.

In the view of Kung Fu Auto, the style highlights Hiromoto’s “original intention” and “ambition”.

(1) Hiromoto’s “original intention”: Through more than 30 years of anticipation

The original INTEGRA was born in 1985, as a representative of Honda’s sports sedan, it had excellent sports genes at the beginning of its development. It is also Honda’s first model equipped with VTEC technology, and the front-wheel drive architecture has achieved a handling texture comparable to that of a sports car, winning the title of “front-wheel drive light” and leaving a deep imprint on the hearts of fans.

Since he chose such a model as “Resurrection”, Hiromoto naturally carries “glory and dreams”. Product power that keeps pace with the times is the best response to fans’ expectations.

First of all, there must be no compromise in terms of appearance.

Although the new generation of Honda sedans is no longer so sharp in terms of styling, the style still chooses to raise the sports flag. The sharp three-eyed LED headlights and the three-dimensional front grille cooperate with the three-dimensional front grille to present a simple and sharp front face shape, and the stretched through waist line and 18-inch cutting wheels make it look very aggressive, and the eye-catching index is naturally full.

Second, the performance value should be full.

All models are equipped with the latest 1.5T turbocharged VTEC engine as standard, and advanced technologies such as high-power turbocharger, high-rigidity oil pan, and high-rigidity crankshaft are all available to create a truly high-combustion power. The maximum horsepower is 182 hp, the maximum torque is 240Nm, and the maximum torque coverage range reaches an astonishing 1700-4500rpm.

This is basically the ability to maintain a violent power output in the entire medium and high speed range, which is naturally worthy of the name INTEGRA.

As for the Design Shift CVT gearbox, naturally there is no need to say much. In addition to an excellent torque carrying capacity, it also boasts an extremely wide gear ratio. This ensures a wider range for CVT analog gear shifts and makes the style more fuel-efficient. The comprehensive fuel consumption of the automatic transmission is controlled at 5.9L/100km, considering that the 1.5T engine is added with 92# gasoline, the cost of the car can be said to be quite low.

The precise hydraulic control technology makes it shift faster and more responsive, which is the “benchmark” object of competitors in this class. The style, on the other hand, takes the power output a step further and has a speed that is even more unmatched by opponents.

Of course, the most noteworthy thing is that the style also rarely adds a manual transmission configuration, and the exclusive MT version costs 129,900 yuan.

This is not as simple as lowering the threshold for selling prices. It should be known that almost all first-line joint venture manufacturers, including Honda, have been fully invested in automatic transmission, Honda even has no manual transmission production plant in China, and the style of 6MT is purely imported. Especially for models with high positioning such as style, they will not be equipped with manual transmission “self-lowering identity”, and the time when Magotan and Camry were equipped with manual transmission has long been gone for many years.

So why should the style be unusual? The answer is to inherit the pure performance essence of INTEGRA and meet the pursuit of more young people for ultimate sports control. Isn’t this the embodiment of the “original intention” of style?!

For young people, the MT manual transmission is more rigid, the shift stroke is shorter, and it is easier to reach the realm of “man and car in one”. As for lowering the price threshold, it is even more nonsense, you must know that the style manual transmission is equipped with 10 airbags including knee airbags, and the AUTO HOLD function specially developed for it.

To put it bluntly, Hiromoto’s definition of style is much more than just creating a blockbuster model, or pursuing profit maximization. IT’S ABOUT RESURRECTING INTEGRA AND CREATING A NEW SPORTING BENCHMARK THAT IS WORTHY OF ITS REPUTATION AND THE EXPECTATIONS OF FANS.

(2) Hiromoto’s “ambition”: unlock the code of technology trends

In addition to creating sports benchmarks, Style also has another task. As a model positioned as a young person, it is responsible for unlocking the code of technology trends for Guangqi Honda and understanding what young people want. This is probably the “ambition” of the style.

From the point of view of the interior design, the style can be said to be quite young.

The 10.2-inch LCD instrument cluster and the 9-inch floating central control are very technological, the neat and smooth dashboard layout makes the interior more refreshing and comfortable, the original honeycomb mesh alloy air outlet is full of personality, color-block leather seats, buttons that give back a comfortable feel and high-quality filling materials, so that young people can fully feel the touch.

Of course, the combination of a low front end and a wide glass area allows for an unprecedented wide field of view even with a height of only 1415 mm.

It can be said that these small details that are thoughtful make young users addicted.

In terms of intelligent configuration, the style is also quite outstanding.

Honda’s most proud Honda CONNECT 3.0 intelligent guidance interconnection system was successfully “on the car”, and the interpretation of the market scene last night was quite distinctive. The system combines intelligent voice, connected cars, remote control and OTA online upgrades. The new generation of intelligent voice system has a very high recognition rate, even in noisy urban areas can have an accurate recognition rate of more than 95%, and can also “understand” most dialects, which is naturally very convenient to use.

Remote control can avoid the “teppanyaki” in summer and the “ice cellar” in winter, car home interconnection can remotely control the smart home at home, OTA online upgrade can ensure that the vehicle is used better and better… These are all features that young people like very much, and the style chooses to carry them all.

In addition to this, the style is equipped with the latest generation of card keys. The biggest feature of this key is convenience, whether it is held in the hand or in the handbag, pocket, as long as it enters the vehicle range, it can be easily sensed and automatically connected, for young people who do not like to “do it”, it is naturally impossible to put it down.

In terms of intelligent driving assistance, the model is equipped with the latest generation of Honda SENSING safety super sensing system. The system enables longer range, more accurate recognition with a monocular wide-angle camera, and its “coupling” between its functions is particularly good, making control easier.

For example, its traffic jam assist system can be used with the ACC adaptive cruise system, so that not only can it actively follow the car at high speeds, but also complete the steering assistance in the urban area, making the daily complicated urban commuting easier. Its ADB adaptive high beam system can also be combined with the ACL active steering lighting system, which can not only expand the illumination range, but also ensure a clear field of view, making driving safer.

In fact, the style also did a more “not martial arts” thing, that is, as a 150,000-class A-class car, equipped with a 12-speaker BOSE audio system. It is worth mentioning that the assembly of this audio system is not a temporary intention, before that, Honda and BOSE engineers spent a full 4 years carefully designing and specially tuning, just for this moment of amazement, bring “immersive concert hall-like listening enjoyment”.

In the body of the style, Hiromoto’s “ambition” can be said to be undoubtedly highlighted, basically what young people want, it will give, completely without giving the joint venture competitors an opportunity.

(3) Kung Fu shooting

The style is definitely a treasure car:

When you think it’s just a popular Volkswagen model, it’s actually a resurrected legendary sports sedan;

When you think it’s just a sports benchmark, it also has a very high tech configuration that can bring a leapfrog technological experience.

The key is that the price is still very grounded, and investing such a model in the market is undoubtedly leaving no room for opponents.

This is the correct way to open the rejuvenation of the car market, and it is the ultimate embodiment of “pet fans”.