Diamond Raiders New Leather is on the shelves! Cheng Yanjin Wushuangfu will ~ Ice armor is finally revised


The first hero with double crystal skins is born

He is Cheng Yanjin

Diamond Raiders skin

Wushuangfu will already be on the shelves

Hurry up and take a look

Unparalleled blessings

At first glance, I recognized him as a river god, and I thought I was going to ask me

Golden axe

Still is

Silver axe


The armor shape of the Wushuangfu General refers to the first armor of the Great Tang Dynasty

Bright light armor

, Being able to wear this armor also proves that Cheng Yanjin is on the side

Born with divine power

In addition, the styling design also refers to the door god in traditional culture, if you stick this Cheng Yanjin on the door, it is indeed quite good

Town House


The country is safe and secure, what is desired in this life

Skin display

General attack

One skill

Two skills

Big move

How does the Cheng Biting Gold version perform?

To be honest, Cheng bit Jin a little

Version traps

means, mainly the strengthening of the end,

Finish successful kills return 90% cd

, let it would have been needed

Control blood to increase damage

Cheng Yanjin greatly increased the difficulty of blood control, and was accidentally killed by the finisher.

Just resurrected back online, opposite

The end CD is good again

, the mentality exploded.

There is also a new hero,

Below a certain amount of HP, it must be killed

, extremely restrained process bite gold.

Of course, if in such a difficult environment, you still want to try Xiaojinjin, then this set of outfit inscriptions can be used for your reference, I hope you can



Little Kim Jin’s love and justice

Shadow Vanguard weakens the official service online

Shadow Pioneer at 10 minutes

20% drop in blood volume

, but at 15 minutes the growth is the same as before the adjustment, and the ability to finish the game in 10 minutes is reduced, predicting that many heroes who are strong in the front and middle and weak in the late stage will have a decrease in win rate.

Ice armor changed to the official server

The revision of the ice armor of Putian Tongqing is finally online, and this change is to the ice armor Xiang Yu, the ice armor Sun Ce’s

The gameplay doesn’t matter much

, even Marco can continue to make ice armor.

The cadres kept the covenant and opened champagne directly to celebrate.

Fire Dance and Zhao Yun still have to wait and see, Fire Dance consumes 2 skills, counting the ice armor shield set of kills

Not a big problem

Zhao Yun was a little resentful,

In the later stage, counting the ice armor shield, it is just a set of unkillable

, you have to gather fire with your teammates.

In addition, the ice armor trigger mechanism is

Eat damage before shielding

, so the target will not trigger the ice armor shield when the blood remains, but will be killed directly.


The new version of the ice armor is more suitable for meat heroes with high blood volume, and only with blood support can it play its value, maybe the ice armor bites the gold and has a head?

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