The best match for autumn (1)! Gentle caramel chestnut cake

Here is the [tutorial] you are looking forward to Oh This chestnut cake is too gentle, and it will remind people of an autumn afternoon when you see it, warm, but with a gentle breeze, very comfortable. In one bite, the fluffy cake, the delicate chestnut cream, the crispy caramel biscuits, plus the sweet and soft chestnut meat, filling the mouth, full of happiness, another glass ☕ or, how a word!

By Asian Coffee Pastry


Cake embryo

3 eggs

Lemon juice 8g (4g with egg white, 4g with egg yolk)

Milk 35g

Caster sugar 45g (30g with egg white, 15g with egg yolk)

Salad oil 30g

Low gluten powder 50g

Chestnut cream

Light cream 400g

35g caster sugar

Chestnut filling 500g


Rosemary to taste

Caramel biscuits to taste

Practical steps

1. Separate the egg white from the egg white

2. Add milk, salad oil, 15g caster sugar, and 4g of lemon juice to the egg yolk and stir well with a whisk

3. Pour in the sifted low-gluten powder

4. Use the technique of drawing Z characters and stir well

5. Add 4g of lemon juice and 30g of caster sugar to the egg whites and beat until hard foaming

6. Take 1/3 of the egg white, pour it into the batter, and stir well by cutting and mixing

7. Pour all of it back into the egg whites and mix until well mixed

8. Pour the batter into the mold

9. Send to the oven, heat 160°C, and bake for 45min

10. After cooling, take out the cake embryo and cut it into three layers

11. Add caster sugar and chestnut filling to the light cream

12. Send it to about 70%.

13. Spread chestnut cream and caramel biscuits on the first layer of cake base, and spread a layer of cream

14. Spread chestnut cream on the second cake base, put caramel biscuits and chestnut cubes, spread a layer of chestnut cream, and put the third layer of cake base

15. Spread a thin layer of noodles with chestnut cream

16. Stick caramel biscuits on the edges

17. Spread cream on the top and bottom of the caramel biscuits

18. Use a 2D rose piping spout to squeeze a circle pattern

19. Garnish with caramel biscuits, rosemary, chestnuts and finish


1. When the biscuits are coated with cream up and down, you need to expose the caramel biscuits 2. The formula is a 5-inch height or 6-inch mold, a 5-inch heightened mold is baked at 150 °C for 50min, a 6-inch mold is heated at 160 °C, baked for 45min, and the specific adjustment is based on the performance of the oven

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