IKEA good things are indeed a lot, don’t miss these 7, the average price of less than 80 yuan is a must-have at home

The 618 that has just passed is now at the end of the month, has everyone returned to the blood successfully?

Xiaojuju seems to have never done a good job with everyone to share, in fact, I am a real IKEA lover, just began to decorate the house in the past few months, almost every month will go to IKEA shopping, really more fragrant than shopping 618, affordable things are also easy to use, Xiaojuju This sorted out I have been shopping for a few years, found IKEA 7 good things, although there are new products launched during the period, but I still like to use classic models,

Now share the treasures with everyone~ The average price is less than 80 yuan, see if you have also used it?

Every time I go to IKEA, the weather must be rainy, I don’t know why, the picture has been colored.

29.9 yuan Bathroom stool

This stool design full of holes is designed for shower room stools, the elderly are not convenient to take a bath standing up, you can use this, the child bathes the child, how uncomfortable it is to squat can use this, it’s so good to use!

But you think that’s all?

Xiaojuju found that it can also be used as a stepping stool! Also known as the unique artifact, like some people in the family are not very accustomed to using the toilet to go to the toilet, use this hole to step on the footstool, feet on the sides, pretend to be a squat pit, how convenient! And rest assured that this stool can bear 100 kilograms, and there are holes on both sides for easy access.

$4.9 Fagrik cup

This is the classic cup that I planted grass when I first started visiting IKEA, the slim cup body, the cup that can be picked up and drunk with only one finger, very suitable for guests who come to the house as guests, no longer need to spend money to buy disposable plastic cups, environmental protection. There are many colors in this series, and I have a fetish for collecting, of course, I bought them all!

249 RMB Lasker trolley

Small residence suggestion: everyone should have a movable storage trolley in the home, the trolley itself is an open storage method, sometimes want to use something, people on the sofa, but things in the bedroom, things are moved around piecemeal can be troublesome.

With a small cart, you can push it wherever you want, whether it is a mobile makeup storage box, a mobile small garden, or a mobile seasoning table. The color is bought black, dirty can not be seen, can be used for a few more years. (Witty)

$79 Hornawan cart

It is really recommended that you enter a mobile storage trolley, if you think it is expensive, I also found an IKEA low-end version of the small trolley, the appearance is indeed worse, but its storage capacity can be the same as Lasker. I bought one at home, and the openwork design was used in the bathroom.

$2.9 Andagan brush

Small, wide, flat brush head that can be used to brush anything! I use it to brush pots, shoes, kitchen countertops, and cracks in doors and windows, the same consumables I buy back every time I visit IKEA.

69 yuan Mechanical desk lamp

You can prepare such a design lamp for the child’s desk at home, but the bulb needs to be bought separately, it doesn’t matter if you can buy a better one yourself, with intelligent control, such a desk lamp full of future mechanical sense, more technological charm!

The joint connection of the table lamp can adjust the level of the bulb lighting, and if it is straightened, it can shine farther, as a floor lamp or a desk lamp!

19.9-49 yuan Storage partition

IKEA’s various storage tools are really good, such as hanging this narrow edge partition on the white wall, the design is very simple to hang on any wall in the home! There are card slots fixed on the partition, which will not fall at will.

You can go to the major shopping platforms to see that the price of this partition is forty or fifty yuan, IKEA this is really affordable and easy to use! It is very suitable for hanging pictures, take it to decorate the sofa background wall of your home!

Speaking of the end:

Although I have heard a lot of negative comments about IKEA over the years, you have to think so, cheap can buy things that are easy to use for a short time, and you can buy new ones when they are broken, right? Just like some FMCG fashion brands, the price is low, so that you can wear new clothes every summer, and it is not a pity to donate or throw it away.

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