Zhengzhou’s most “embarrassing” fire manhole cover: in case of fire, it is impossible to draw water at all

Mammoth News Oriental Today reporter Zhang Xiaodong/Wen Tu Mengyou Wang Baoxi

On August 9, Mr. Wang, a patrolman of Jianzhong Street in Zhengzhou City, was passing through Longhai Road and Kunlun Road when he found that on the sidewalk about 100 meters on the south side of the road, the awkward position of several manhole covers was very puzzling!

According to Mr. Wang’s discovery, the word “water supply” was cast on one manhole cover and the word “elimination” was cast on the other manhole cover, and the two manhole covers were pressed underneath by the roadside iron fence. Mr. Wang understands that this guardrail has been installed for two years, and the distance between the pressed fire shaft and the iron pile is only about 10 cm, and if there is an emergency, even if the manhole cover is barely pried open, normal operation cannot be carried out at all!

According to Mr. Wang, fire wells are fire trucks, outdoor fire water intakes, and should be kept barrier-free and unblocked at all times. At present, he has reported the matter to the 12319 urban construction hotline, hoping that the relevant departments can check the site as soon as possible, which will eliminate potential safety hazards.