How do you dress a red coat festive and not vulgar? Learn 4 tips of Princess Kate and be noble and stylish


Time flies so fast, it’s already 2022 in the blink of an eye!

If you want to ask, what color is best to wear during the New Year?

I believe all the little friends will answer

: “Red coat”, of course.

But then again, the red coat itself is a very picky item, and once it is not well matched, it is easy to wear rustic! So how can we ordinary women wear red coats that are festive and good-looking and not tacky? Today

Xiaorun took Princess Kate’s red coat as an example to share her 4 matching skills,

After learning, dress fashionably and noble.

Tip 1: Change the color area of the red coat

The red coat itself is very bright and eye-catching in color, if the whole body is “Chinese red”, then the overall color is too abrupt, giving people a strong sense of visual impact.

So when wearing a red coat,

Like Princess Kate, you can wear a khaki pleated skirt to change the color area of the overall outfit

。 In this outfit, Princess Kate wore a slim-fit red coat, which perfectly modified the curves of her figure and made her look feminine.

The buttoned design on the coat adds a “classical” charm, which is especially suitable for the atmosphere of the New Year; She left the hem of her coat all open, revealing a small area of khaki pleated skirt, elegant and intellectual

; The addition of “khaki” and the red coat combine each other in color, so as not to look rigid

, wearing a red coat in this way, it looks noble and temperamental.

Tip 2: Add layers with check elements

In daily life, if we only wear a single color red coat, it will look too monotonous; Then wear a red coat to the top

, Learn from Princess Kate to use “the same color but different elements” to add layers to the outfit.

For example: she wears a suit-shaped red long coat with black boots, the whole person looks very dignified and decent, this combination is also particularly suitable for women in the workplace, but it is not outstanding;

When she wore a long skirt with red checked elements on the inner piece and a red checked scarf around her neck, the aristocratic temperament of “British style” was immediately displayed

This is because

: Red coats, red skirts, and scarves are all bright “same colors” in color, mixed and matched together for high-class harmony; But the check elements on the pieces play a role in the overall outfit


role, it seems very layered; In addition, the red checked scarf and skirt are the same fabric and color, and can also play “


“The effect, wear it in winter, warm and fashionable.

Knowledge points

: The slim fit red coat is suitable for women with a thin body, especially a thin waist; If you are fat, then when wearing a red coat, you can choose a straight fit; If you are a small girl, when wearing a red coat, you can choose a coat that is just above the knee or up to the length of the calf.

Tip 3: When wearing a red coat, add a contrasting color to create a sense of contrast

Because Princess Kate is relatively slender, most of her red coats are “slim suit fits”, which are suitable for thin women.


When she wears a red coat, the technique of “adding contrasting colors” is applicable to everyone.

For example: a burgundy suit coat and black cropped trousers are paired together, and in this outfit, Princess Kate uses the “classic color method” matching. The red coat on the upper body gives a sense of festive and dignified on the body, while the black trousers on the lower body weaken the visual impact brought by the red coat. Because

The warmth and coldness of the two colors are also different, so there is a great sense of visual contrast, so that when matched together, you can’t go wrong.


: When wearing a red coat, in addition to choosing “black” items to reflect the contrast,

Like clean white, neutral gray or even dull blue, you can “mix and match” with a red coat

, but when collocation, pay attention

The color area should not be larger than the color area of the red coat.

Tip 4: Add sophistication with accessories such as jewelry

The red coat itself is very suitable for festive holidays such as the New Year, and it looks red; Therefore, when wearing a red coat, you must not be too “plain”, at this time, you need to be like Princess Kate, using jewelry and other accessories to add a sense of sophistication.

Accessory 1: Gemstone necklaces, earrings, rings, etc

When wearing a red coat, the reason why it is recommended to wear jewelry made of gemstones is because “gemstones” are very shiny in brightness, which can add noble temperament and appear very present; Wearing gemstone earrings can modify the shape of the face, eye-catching and thin; Necklaces, rings, etc. can make exposed skin look empty.

Accessory 2: Clutch

“Clutch” has always been synonymous with elegance, it is mixed with a red coat, which can not only raise the waistline, but also add nobility; No matter what body shape a woman is, it can be easily handled.



Alright, friends! About Princess Kate’s red coat dressing and matching skills, Xiaorun will share it here today! After reading what was shared today, has everyone learned? Leave a message in the comment area and let me know.

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