Domestic “waterproof” elderly machine evaluation: standby 150 hours, 4G full Netcom, support WeChat

As a domestic brand focusing on outdoor mobile phones, AGM recently released a keyboard mobile phone with 1.5-meter water resistance: AGM M5. From the appearance design of this mobile phone and some hardware design, I think the user group of this mobile phone should be “elderly users”, so I think it is okay to call AGM M5 an elderly machine. So, in addition to the highlight of waterproof, what are the highlights of the AGM mobile phone? Don’t worry, this review will slowly tell you the answer.

I will not give you a detailed evaluation of the packaging of AGM M5, and the factory accessories mainly include: a Tyep-C data cable, a power adapter, and a manual and other documents.

Most of the so-called keyboard old machine basically does not support touch screen operation, and AGM M5 is equipped with a 2.8-inch screen with a resolution of 240*320, and also supports touch screen operation. At the same time, AGM M5 has two ways to operate the mobile phone with touch and button, if you feel that it is convenient to touch the mobile phone, use touch; If you find it convenient to press the key, you can also use the key.

AGM M5 also adopts a “leather etching” design on the fuselage, which can not only improve the grip of the mobile phone, but also play a certain decorative role. In addition, I personally think that this “skin etching” design is also more in line with the temperament of the elders.

The AGM M5 has a 2-megapixel camera on the back of the body, but because it is not equipped with a flash, it is not very effective when taking pictures at night. In addition to the rear camera on the back of the fuselage, the AGM M5 also has a speaker with a large volume of 101 decibels, which can ensure that their calls are not easy to miss for some elders with poor hearing.

The AGM M5 features a detachable battery design with a battery capacity of 2500mAh. As for battery life, the official said that the standby time can reach 150 hours.

In addition, AGM M5 not only has 1.5 meters of water resistance, but also supports 1.8 meters of drop resistance, and the entire mobile phone has passed the standard IP68 protection certification. For some elders who are slightly older and have bad eyes, they usually use mobile phones, perhaps not as “attentive” as our young people, so there may be mobile phones that have fallen and fallen into the water, and AGM M5 does not have to worry about these two aspects, so that the elders can use it with peace of mind and worry.

AGM M5 also supports full Netcom 4G, dual SIM dual standby, no need to worry about the network problems supported by mobile phones. At the same time, from the real picture above, we can also see that AGM M5 supports memory card expansion.

In addition, the AGM M5 has a “flashlight button” on the right side of the phone, and long press can quickly turn on the 40LM flashlight on the top of the phone, which I think is a more practical design.

I don’t know if you have encountered this situation, to the elders to use micro USB charging interface of the mobile phone, because the charging is not careful, the interface is damaged, and AGM M5 in the charging interface, the use of both front and back can be plugged in Type-C interface, thus avoiding the above problems.

AGM M5 body top flashlight real shot.

In the final part, let me briefly talk about the experience of AGM M5 in terms of system.

Although AGM M5 is said to be a keyboard mobile phone, but in fact, the system is Android 8.1.0, that is, an Android smartphone, but the official for the sake of security, afraid of elders randomly download and install APP, so close the third-party APP installation permission, the entire mobile phone built-in functions are common: calls, text messages, contacts, calendar, music, gallery, photos. Considering that some elderly users now like to play WeChat, AGM M5 also has a built-in WeChat.

In addition, AGM M5 will have corresponding voice prompts when selecting functions, for example: I move to the function of music, the mobile phone will send out a voice prompt of “music”, this design is very common on the elderly machine, is a more general design.

By the way, I believe everyone may be curious about the configuration of AGM M5, right? By the way, the AGM M5 is equipped with a Qualcomm 8909 processor, 1GB of storage and 8GB of storage.

The picture above is the real shooting effect of AGM M5 running WeChat. In addition, the AGM M5 is equipped with a 300,000-pixel front-facing camera, which can be used for video call experience.

In terms of input operation, AGM M5 can enter text through the keyboard or by touching the screen handwriting.

Generally, if the mobile phone wants to use the FM radio function, it needs to be through headphones, while AGM M5 does not, AGM M5 supports external FM radio, turn on the radio function, you can listen to the radio.

AGM M5 also has some other functions, such as: photography, browser, calculator and other functions, I will not give you all the reviews, after all, are some common small functions.

Overall, I think AGM M5 can be collectively called a flagship elderly mobile phone with “large volume, large battery, large buttons, waterproof and anti-fall, support WeChat”, compared to some elderly machines of other brands, in terms of 1.5 meters waterproof, 1.8 meters anti-fall design, the obvious lead is not a star and a half. If you don’t take the old man, some of the current flagship mobile phones may not have 1.8-meter anti-fall characteristics, is everyone right?

If you’re planning to give your elders a new, easier-to-use phone, and they don’t pay much attention to entertainment, then I recommend giving them a taste of the AGM M5.