What is it like to have a “small steel cannon”, the Sanag M11 Bluetooth speaker tells you the answer


As a digital product enthusiast, naturally will not miss any fun products, such as Bluetooth speakers this kind of products, my home has many kinds, when I see that there are my favorite on the market, I want to start a handle to play, recently saw a Sanag brand launched M11 small speaker is more interesting, online check the brand of SANAG, it is still a British brand, its product technology is derived from British craft aesthetic design, so I also started a try, as for how it performs, Then look down.

First of all, look at the packaging of this Sanag M11 Bluetooth speaker, its packaging style still looks more exquisite, the color of the box is a combination of blue + orange, from the outer packaging you can see the product renderings and some configuration information, take out all the items, it in addition to the Bluetooth speaker host, but also comes with AUX audio cable, USB charging cable, instruction manual these items.

From the appearance point of view, this Sanag M11 Bluetooth speaker adopts a small cylinder shape, and when I choose to buy this Sanag M11 Bluetooth speaker, the first thing I look at is its small size, it is very light to play in the hand, especially when going out to carry and use, choosing Sanag M11 Bluetooth speaker is a very good choice. In addition, Sanag M11 Bluetooth speaker is also a bimetallic diaphragm product, plus 52MM full-range dynamic unit design, it has a 360° surround sound field effect when listening to music.

Sanag M11 Bluetooth speaker has a variety of colors and standard version, cinema version for consumers to choose, and I chose a more calm black cinema version, you can see that most of the small speaker is black as the main color, and its lanyard is more vivid red, as for the role of this lanyard I believe everyone also knows, as an outdoor speaker attribute, with a lanyard design, it is very convenient to hang on a backpack or carry it when you go out.

Sanag M11 bluetooth speaker body of the two buttons design is also relatively novel, seemingly larger two “+-” keys in addition to the speaker function button, it is also part of the speaker decoration, daily use in addition to the volume can also switch songs, in addition, its waterproof performance is also good, the official claim Sanag M11 bluetooth speaker has IPX7 waterproof characteristics, if you encounter rain, fall into the water this situation is not afraid of damage.

Sanag M11 Bluetooth speaker in the upper and lower ends of each design will emit a glowing RGB light, when playing music it will move with the music rhythm, especially at night use is particularly stylish, the only deficiency is that the color is more monotonous, only one color, if the colorful color is more fun, and battery life, Sanag M11 Bluetooth speaker performance is not bad, my cinema version of it built-in is 1800 mAh lithium battery, full charge can be used continuously for 7 hours.

The interface of Sanag M11 Bluetooth speaker adopts a hidden design, which is why it has waterproof characteristics, open this waterproof rubber strip, you can see Sanag M11 Bluetooth speaker has AUX interface, TF card interface, charging interface, that is to say, Sanag M11 Bluetooth speaker provides a variety of playback modes, such as Bluetooth playback, AUX playback, TF card playback, in addition Sanag M11 Bluetooth speaker also supports TWS mode playback, Using TWS series technology, two Sanag M11 Bluetooth speakers can realize the left and right channel wireless surround stereo sound effect.

In terms of Bluetooth connection, Sanag M11 Bluetooth speaker adopts a new generation of Bluetooth 5.0 technology, open the mobile phone to search for the Bluetooth signal can be quickly connected, as long as the first Bluetooth connection is successful, the back of the speaker will automatically and quickly connect to the previously bound mobile phone, while its stability is also good, listening to songs as long as the mobile phone and the speaker within the effective range of 10 meters, basically there will be no lag and disconnection phenomenon.


As a speaker for outdoor use, Sanag M11 Bluetooth speaker is to meet the needs of consumers in terms of material and design, and its sound quality is also good, use it to listen to songs, basically vocal details, fun rhythm, bass effect are good, overall Sanag M11 Bluetooth speaker three frequency is still relatively balanced.