Simple jasper stud earrings

It is said that the ear piercing is a gap in feelings, connected to the nerves of the heart, and there is the most gentle vulnerability. Then let Meimei’s stud earrings fill the gap, soothe the soul, and bring the happiness of independence and strength.

This pair of jasper stud earrings has a full egg surface, uniform color, and a delicate structure without a trace of impurities. The style is extremely simple and unassuming, but because of the rich greenery, it can also inadvertently make people glimpse, that is the emerald color of the ear sultry, but also the projection of taste.

Compared with jadeite, jasper is beautiful in that it is soft and moist, and there seems to be grease flowing slowly, although the color is gorgeous, but you always feel that it is light and far-reaching, it uses the strongest color, showing the most ethereal alienation of nobility, beauty of the world, this is the charm of jasper.