The more I think about it, the more I regret that there was no desk in the bedroom, and I hit these 4 places together, saving land and practical

Zheng’er Ba Jing came out to live, only to understand that the most indispensable thing at home is a desk, after all, office study, the two major themes in life can not be without its participation, even if there is no separate study, ideas must have a place in the bedroom ~

The simplest is to buy a finished desk, where there is vacant land, put it where, do not plan to buy, there is no doubt to customize, it is best to connect with other areas together, it will be more cost-saving ~

I really have no idea, the following custom desk practices and styles, for your reference:

▶ Connected to the nightstand

Desks and bedside tables should be two, one high and one low, made into split level, which is more suitable for families with relatively sufficient bedroom space. Of course, under this condition, buying a finished desk is not a problem, just depends on your personal choice, which is cost-effective.

But it doesn’t matter if the area is small, if you plan to play tatami, consider leaving about 20cm vacant at the head of the bed, one side is connected to the desk, you can properly consider widening, simple style use a hanging board, if you want to increase storage, use a hanging cabinet, this point we have to be flexible.

▶ Attached to the wardrobe

In the case of insufficient area, it is very necessary to make appropriate trade-offs, do not bedside tables, but can free up more spacious space, one side is connected to the wardrobe to make a hanging cabinet, basic storage can also be satisfied.

Small apartments made of tatami mats, a whole row of wardrobes to the top at the end of the bed, can also take into account storage and desk, the overall combination design, will also be more space-saving.

Or consider the following style is also good, the wardrobe on the side of the bed is changed to a pull-up cabinet, leaving an empty drawer board in the middle as a desktop, the desk you want is there, usually put it away, it is estimated that no one can see it ~

▶ Connected to the bed

With the same style, it is a bit similar, and the maximum utilization is achieved in the smallest space~

Otherwise, the desk can borrow some space from the bed appropriately, and the position is not fixed, we need to adjust it according to the actual situation.


Otherwise, if you learn the Japanese style, leave the end of the tatami bed empty and add a board, the only trouble may be that cleaning is not very convenient.

Or add a suspended board or suspended cabinet to the wall alone is also the same height, involving height problems, it is good to solve it with split level, what do you think?