Girls who love to buy jewelry also have to learn to store it

[Jewelry House Today’s Viewpoint] I believe that every girl who loves to buy jewelry has a heart for beauty, and these cute trinkets not only add highlights to our daily dress, but also make our mood a lot better when worn. However, many people often have necklaces knotted and one earring cannot be found after buying it home, so if you also have these troubles, why not learn how to store it with us!

Tip 1: Store according to type

• Necklace

Necklaces strung in straws are not easy to knot

Jewelry is generally divided into rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings according to their functions, the length and volume are also different, all stacked together easy to intertwine, classified storage can effectively solve this problem. For slender small chain pendants and bracelets, it is customary to string them one by one, so that they are not easy to knot.

Place the necklace inside the plastic wrap

Another way to store necklaces and bracelets is to store them with plastic wrap. Spread the plastic wrap flat, and then put the necklace one by one, put one at a distance, and then fold the plastic wrap over, using the adsorption of the plastic wrap itself, you can firmly grasp the necklace, but this method is not suitable for long-term storage.


A simple flannel can hold many earrings

Ear pins with a small size are the most difficult items to fit and can be lost if you are not careful. Choose a wide soft ribbon or a small piece of velvet cloth and attach the ear pins to ensure that the ear pins and plugs are not lost. Or you can choose to use a transparent sealed bag for storage, which is very friendly to people on business trips or travel, and it is especially convenient to carry it, and you can usually put it in your bag without worrying about losing it.


Ring clasp to store the ring

One of the easiest ways to do this is to place them on binders, which also saves a lot of space compared to putting them in a jewelry box. However, it should be noted that although this method is very convenient, the rubbing of rings against each other will cause scratches on their surfaces, and new rings and more expensive rings are not recommended for this storage method.

Jewelry box with divider

This is not only convenient to store, but also relatively simple to find. Now the jewelry boxes sold online basically come with a separation area, you just need to remember to put it back when you run out.

Tip 2: Store according to the wearing frequency

Frequently worn jewelry

Tray-type jewelry stand

The storage box is also divided into open and closed types, and for jewelry that is worn frequently (such as wearing it every day), you can choose an open storage shelf. This open jewelry box with its own shelves and trays allows the accessories to be neatly arranged and look pleasing to the eye, with the emphasis on being easy to find and saving time for office workers.

Egg cartons can also be stored

If you can’t find a suitable or favorite jewelry box for a while, try using an egg carton instead. That’s right, it’s the most common kind in supermarkets. This kind of egg carton is generally paper, which will not have much wear and tear on jewelry, and the egg carton has a partition, and each lattice puts one piece of jewelry, so that it is more convenient to pick up.

Place in a dispensing box

If you are afraid of dust accumulation, you can dispense this medicine box in real time, not only has a partition function, but also can be closed storage, and the volume is small and does not occupy a position.

・Jewelry that is not worn often

Transparent PE membrane cartridge

In fact, whether it is jewelry or jewelry, long-term exposure to air is easy to oxidize and stain, which will affect their quality.

Therefore, if possible, it is best to choose closed storage.

The aforementioned split jewelry box is a good choice, and here is also to introduce you to a very cheap storage: transparent PE film box, a treasure on a dollar or so. This material has good toughness and transparent packaging at a glance.

Tip 3: Store according to material


Harry Winston Diamond Ring

The hardness of the diamond ring is very high, in order to avoid it scratching other jewelry, or being scratched by other sharp objects, it is best to put it in a suede box separately.


The hardness of pearls is not high, generally between 2.5 ~ 4.5, and many colored gemstones have a hardness of more than 7, if placed with pearls will inevitably wear, so pearls whether worn or stored it is best to avoid contact with other jewelry. But when it comes to storage

No sealing

, especially for a long time sealing, regularly let the pearl breathable is conducive to maintaining its luster, and do not put it with the desiccant, otherwise the pearl will really be old and yellow.


Tiffany & Co. Tiffany Return to Tiffany silver necklace

Silver jewelry needs to be carefully paid attention to when storing it, because silver jewelry is easily oxidized, and after oxidation, it will turn black and look particularly old. Therefore, silver jewelry must be packed in a sealed packaging bag in addition to wearing to avoid it being often oxidized.


Jade jewelry is best not to be placed with metal materials, often in the process of handling the bump will cause these jade objects to be damaged.

Tip 4: Store according to whether it is valuable or not

Divided jewelry box

I believe everyone knows that there are still some differences between jewelry and jewelry, and the jewelry that is usually worn is not as expensive as jewelry in terms of material and price, so it is better to store the two separately. Ordinary ones can be put together, and valuable jewelry is stored separately.

Cartier Cartier Love bracelet

In addition, many jewelry brands actually have corresponding jewelry boxes when you buy products. Like the well-known Cartier Cartier, Tiffany & Co. Tiffany, Harry Winston, Harry Winston, and so on… This kind of jewelry box, it is recommended to put it directly in the original jewelry box, size and material and other issues do not have to be considered, very convenient.

Jewelry safe

If your jewelry is valuable, it is recommended to prepare a safe at home.

Although many open storage, such as placing trays, shelves, hooks on these places seems to be very beautiful, but there will still be damage to the jewelry itself, so if possible, each time after use, wipe it will be closed storage. In addition, the location where jewelry is stored is best cool and dry, away from direct sunlight. Finally, no matter what method you like to use, remember to insist that reasonable storage can make your jewelry last longer. (Photo/text Jewelry House)