How to match a spring shirt to look good? Wear it with a bottom-shirt and a skirt, which is simple and decent

There are always a lot of shirts in girls’ wardrobes, because such clothes can be matched all year round as a very versatile style. In the spring, shirts have become the main clothing for many girls out on the street. But because the weather is not very warm now, it is not realistic to wear a shirt alone, so the styling of these bloggers below is worth learning. The shirt is equipped with a tight underwear, and the whole person goes out both simple and high-end and very fashionable. How to match a spring shirt to look good? Wear it with a skirt under a bottom, simple and decent!

Blue is actually a very temperamental color, and it may be very popular now that Klein blue. But in fact, a light blue shirt paired with a light blue turtleneck can show a fresh beauty. And the light blue shirt, like the white shirt, is a very versatile style, which is very popular with everyone, and we can safely and boldly start.

If you want to wear a high neck underneath your shirt, it is recommended to choose a lighter style so that it is not easy to look bloated. Because the shirt fabric itself is relatively thin, it is not recommended to choose too thick for the underwear, so it looks more inconsistent.

The blogger unfastened the top few buttons, so that it would not look too rigid, and such dressing tips can be learned. If you want to make your look more sparkling, you can also wear a necklace around your neck to play a great decorative role and not look too dull.

The dark brown leather skirt is very handsome, and the color is particularly high-class like this. Perhaps the most common thing we see is a plain black skirt, but in fact, dark brown and light blue tops will not look inconsistent at all. Such a set of looks can be controlled by both mature women and young cuties. The clothing on the upper body is very vibrant, and the lower body has some more calm beauty.

Printed shirts are more attractive than solid color shirts and are less likely to make people feel dull. And the shirt worn by this blogger is mainly light apricot color, with black print, full of femininity and very feminine. This shirt is actually a great way to wear with a solid coat to make your look even more highlighted.

It is recommended that when matching printed shirts, try to choose a simple and atmospheric tight underwear, so that the combination will not be too fancy. The blogger matched a black tight underwear, which can echo the color of the skirt and unify with the color of the print, full of wholeness.

The tulle skirt is very flowy and flexible, and a skirt like this can show off the leg line without making people feel too sexy. Many black skirts are too dull, because black itself belongs to the dark color, and this time incorporating a tulle design can solve this problem well.

Tuck the hem of the shirt into the skirt to outline the waist line and appear to be better proportioned to the whole person. When some girls wear shirts, they like to loosen the hem freely, which is too sloppy. And by covering the crotch and waist, it is easy to make the body proportions look not good enough. And bloggers can improve the upper body and lower body proportions, making the body shape appear more superior.

When dressing and matching, try not to integrate too many colors in the clothing, which is easy to appear too complicated, so that people can’t grasp the point, so that the whole person is particularly rustic. When matching, try to choose a unified color system, which can form an echo and the overall sense will be stronger.

The black-based shirt is paired with a print, which will not feel too fancy. Such a shirt can be easily handled by girls of any age, and such a look is both bold and harmonious, and will not roll over at all.

If you want to make the look more eye-catching in the crowd, you can imitate this set of combinations. Although the color choices are relatively bold, the saturation is not high, and everyone can easily hold it. Moreover, this blue is very high-end, and it is also particularly white. Wearing a skirt bare-legged this season will be a little pompous, it is recommended to wear leggings and booties on the lower body to keep warm.

Camel color matching is very popular now, it can show a good sense of premium. In winter, many girls like to choose camel coats, in fact, in spring, we can also continue this combination. Camel shirt and brown skirt, the overall color combination highlights the intellectual beauty.

The blue tight-fitting undershirt outlines the graceful figure, and the color of the inner layer chosen by the blogger is more outstanding, so she unbuttoned almost all the buttons of the shirt to show off her underwear and make the look more bright. If our underwear color is special, then try to choose the same color for the shirt and bottom.

Although shirts are versatile, they are not easy to wear for a stylish effect. And unbuttoning the shirt and matching it with a tight underwear is both sexy and feminine. I don’t know if you have tried this kind of styling in your usual life, spring is coming, we take out the shirt in the closet to imitate the matching, it will definitely have a very good effect.

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